Monday, May 31, 2010


just realised i'm really behind for Biochem and everything else.


eep! better start cramming already :(

Saturday, May 29, 2010


one of those days when my heart can't contain the burst of happiness i feel :)

and damn it feels good.

Friday, May 21, 2010

hi :)

i'm currently at Brownless studying Oral Bio and i'm hungry :((( i want cafe foooooooooood :((

but but... i'm too kiasu to leave the library because i just returned a Cariology book and i want to borrow it again :((( lol. typical Asian of me :p but at least i don't hide and scatter the books around! >:( you know who you are!!! it's rather amusing that when i checked the library portal, it said all copies of a certain book are available in the library and it actually turns out that they are missing from the shelves -______-

so, wtshit?!


we went for Ironman yesterday at Hoyts :) it has been centuries since i've watched a movie in a cinema in Melbourne. wait. scratch that. more like since i've watched a movie anywhere -_- (yes i'm that sad :(( ) somehow time just flies and there's always insufficient time to do every single thing that you want to do :( eg: shopping for me. apart from online shopping which doesn't really count because physical shopping is wayyyyyy better!

Robert Downey Jr. is soooooooo hot!! *swoons* he has that bad boy charm which is extremely appealing. yummy. lol. i was going like, "aww.... he's so cute", "omg he's so hot!", "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  *random hearts flying everywhere* :))) "

and Chris just found me amusing. actually it's a mutual thing. only both of us get the jokes that we make whereas everyone else just thinks that we are weird. LOL.

sorry for the lack of photos though :(( adobe detected that i'm using pirated photoshop elements 8 and insisted that i purchase the original copy :( well, i'm Asian and i have every right to download free software. hmph. and because it was from piratebay, i'd need to mount it and i hv yet to figure out how. LOL. unless i'll just grab a pirated photoshop cd when i'm back in KL, which is in a month's time? :( so please bear with me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i was at Brownless with Katie just now and we were studying perfectly fine together. i went off to the top floor to search for textbooks on Cariology and when i returned to the seminar room, John and Harry Potter James were there, studying with Katie. Which was fine with me 'cause they hardly talk anyway so it's nice and quiet to study.

then in came Mr. Annoying (sorry i have to be discrete with names. who knows whoever might stumble onto my personal space here. lol)

Gosh. He was so fidgety and kept moving around the room. He went out and got some books on freaking Growth Studies. who the fuck needs a book on growth. OMG. the boring-est topic EVER. and like, we all know there aren't any growth study textbooks lying around (Alicey had already tried looking for it. you've to trust her when she says that there's no freaking references for growth studies)

ANYWAY. fine. then he was so amazed that he found the god damn book that he started telling Harry Potter James about it. they were talking pretty loudly and it was getting pretty annoying, but the best part was, Mr. Annoying here realised it wasn't growth studies for Dentistry. IT WAS GROWTH STUDIES FOR CELLULAR SYSTEMS. *insert extreme excessive profanity here*

what the fuck.

and wait. the story doesn't stop here.

he went out AGAIN *after like a billion times, moving in and out of the room. i secretly suspect that there're bugs nibbling into his thick ass skin *no pun intended* and like because it's as thick as a freaking war tank that he couldn't feel it but he just had the feeling to MOVE about b/c his retarded nervous system told him to.

he came back with yet ANOTHER book and started examining it. to which he got bored of and started fiddling under the tv. yes we have a tv in the seminar room. he was poking his stupid pen at the base of the tv and doing some random shit.

at this point, if i've took every opportunity to roll my eyes at him in reality, *i was doing it in my head/heart* my eyes would hv literally fallen out from my sockets.

Me (in brain): SHIT. better get out. so distracting. wtf.
Me (in reality): Umm, guys i'm going off to the cafe to grab a coffee :) gonna head off. Katie do you wanna come?

obviously Katie was as miserable as me. he was a pretty intolerable sight.

Katie: YESS! :)

wait for it........
Mr. Annoying + Smarty Pants: WHAT?! you guys are such noobs when it comes to coffee *disgusted tone* why do you wanna go to a CAFE to get coffee when you can just get it from the Law building for free?! *shakes head in disbelief*

Me: .......... *squishy obliging smile*




omg. i just can't tolerate some ppl and their stupid judgements. so, you are a fucking cheap Asian, who runs off and queue up for free stuff first thing in the morning, refuses to buy FOOD and stick to ppl who live in college for free lunch and get your friends to print off free notes for you from college because they get free printing?

well, it's about time that you get a fucking life.

oh wait.

you don't have one and it costs too much for you to get one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

caffeine overload.

exams are just 2 weeks away and the rat race has already begun. Frank Tate has been loaded with truckloads of students, mostly Asians (duh) and sadly including me *shifty eyes. haha* it IS a good place to study and there is less distractions than staying at home anyway. also, i can't stand the silence at home. it makes you feel inhuman somehow.

i've been going to the Broken Glass Cafe (opposite frank tate) for my daily dose of coffee to the point that the angmoh barista knows my name >.< it has reached the mark that if i don't have a latte during the day, my brain will just be blocked and couldn't think straight. oh dear.

i'm waiting for glee to stream and enjoy hot porridge while watching it in bed :))))

David Choi has a new video up for "That Girl", a collaboration with WongFu Productions :)

it's worth the watch!

PS: I'm actually really annoyed at you.more like hurt. of all ppl, you. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

excited! :)

i'm going to start tutoring VCE Chemistry tomorrow! :))

it's my first time giving tutoring sessions so wish me luck! :D

and i'm still trying to cover physio :( omg. PHAIL.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

yellow mellow.

I was pretty much home alone for the past few days since Jack has been MIA with his new friends. felt like ages since i've last seen him actually :( lol. for instance, for the whole of today, i've only seen him ONCE. and that's like 'cause i thought he was late for class and tried to wake him up.

oh wells.

being home alone actually takes some time to get used to. it was a bit quiet initially and the silence just engulfs you. it felt weird and uncomfortable since Jack used to be around when i'm at home. now it just feels different. and i'm learning to adapt to the new quiet environment. pretty daunting i must say, but i feel like i'm having more alone time and space, which sometimes are unbelievable calming :)

studies and workload are catching up on me :( somehow i ALWAYS manage to fall behind. *massive sigh* physio exam is on monday and i'm hardly prepared :((( why do i always do this to myself :( i'm such an excellent procrastinator and somehow i never ever learn my lesson >.<

perio went well today! :D i'm very pleased with myself!! :)))) last week was a disaster but it just got better this week :)) the sitting positions weren't that awkward anymore and i scaled properly with my Graceys'! :) (crazy dent talk) i managed to scale 3 quadrants today :) although they weren't extremely clean, the results were pretty good given the short period of time.

also, we were given a chance to play with the ultrasonic scaler!! *homg excited!!* it was soooo much easier to scale with an ultrasonic one :) the nail varnish comes off so easily and the tooth surface was so clean! :D my mannequin's flabby rubber cheeks were in the way and i was sort of drenched with water on my thighs :( and that earned me a spot on the "wet patch wall of shame 2010" LOL WTF. i was like whatttt the shitttttttt. lol. dent school is so interesting as you can see. wtf.

and and we got our new preclinical uniforms! it's not particularly amazing but i would say they aren't that bad looking. however, the length of the girl's uniforms was pretty indecent since it's just below the crotch level. apparently Jasmine wore sheer tights during Cons yest and the boys were pretty happy with her in sight. lol.

Mario: I was talking to Prof Burrows and he was like wow, look at that. 5 minutes later, Charles (our Cons demonstrator walked in) and he stared and Jas twice and I was like I caught you looking you bastard!!!


so lesson of the day: do not wear sheer leggings/tights with the new uniform. or else the demonstrators/boys in class would perve at you.

better get some studying done now! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

birch red.

*photo credits*

i was browsing through and was fascinated with the fashion photos.

how i wish i could pull off some of the looks in there :(

anyway, i was looking for a new hair color and i think a red shade would be a good change :))

yay or nay?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how to save a life.

when the world is coming down on you, and everything seem to fall apart,

fret not. i'll be there :)

just like how all of you were there for me when i needed your advice, opinions and most importantly to lend me a ear :)

your friendship and patience are deeply appreciated and cherished.

you know who you are :) the ones whom are always subjected to my complaints and rants. lol.

something that i've realised recently- i should learn to let go, and stop allowing the disturbing thoughts flood through my head. although some may think i'm dramatizing this, but i know i'm not. i may be a drama queen at times *shifty eyes* but this is not the case.

it just shows how much i care but i'm just surprised to know that i am a nobody to you.

i'm going to take a leap

*photo credits to torny at deviantart :)*

i hope that you guys had a better day than i did :)

i'm walking on sunshine.

Feeling freaking tired but it was a very productive day! *pats self :)*

Waking up to rays of sunshine beaming through the glass panel makes me chirpy and extremely happy :) I do look forward to the day if it's nice and sunny. Lol. Reinforces my suspicion that I'm just a tad bipolar :pp

Glee's version of Total Eclipse of The Heart was stuck in my head and was on constant replay, leading to a hyper me-- singing aloud and prancing around while heading to Nori lol.

Chris: "You seem pretty happy today,"
Me: "YES I AM!!! :D the sun is out!!"
Chris: "-___-... but I'm happy too! I'm going to get my keyboard today :D"

We definitely hv an overdose of endorphines :)))

Studying was good cuz I managed to cover 2 Physio lectures in btwn breaks and Wtf. I don't even know why I was so pumped to study today. The usual me would be lying around on south lawn, basking under the sun with this beautiful weather.

AND I prepared for anatomy prac tomorrow!

So proud myself today! :)

Time to get some well deserved rest :))

xx ta!

<3 Posted from Steffie's iPhone :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

FAME! :)))

I'm gonna live forever!!! :)


Fame was amazing tonight! :)))))) Definitely one of the best musicals I've seen so far! :D It's my birthday present from Jack Jack *loves!* and the performances were simply breathtaking :)

The set was pretty cool 'cause it has a slight modern twist to it. Instead of having the usual backdrop, the stage's backdrop was computed, therefore they don't have to shift the stage props as much :) 

The dancers were FANTASTIC. Omg. Dance moves were so clean and spot on that it just made us go "Wow," Breakdancing, jazz, ballet, latin, you name it they've got the chops. I still can't get over the guy who did a freaking perfect starjump!!! I was literally -> :O with bulging eyes. Lol. 

Taila Fowler, the Australian So You Think You Can Dance champion was Iris, the sleek ballerina :) Her performance tonight could clearly justify her win :))) And all the dancers were sooooooooooo fit!! *time to hit the gym for me :( * They all possess crazy abs and freaking toned bodies (!!!) 

Also, Istana Budaya is nothing, compared to Regency Theater. The ambiance was perfect with great lightnings and gorgeous architectural design inside. Initially we thought that there wasn't a live band but they screened them sitting behind the stage at the ending :))) 

Iris and Tyrone :)
Tyrone has like the craziest body EVERRRRRRR!

Meet Rowena Vilar :) She plays Carmen Diaz in Fame and she's such a feisty dancer and pretty good actress :) the above photo is not from Fame btw. Took it from the web :)

Cast in practice :)
This is the part where Carmen sang Fame :) Being ambitious and ready to conquer the world!

Outside Regency Theater :) 
Pardon the bad photo quality, they were all taken by my phone :)

Chandelier in the main theater! :) 
It looks much better in reality :))

Such a good weekend compared to my week! Definitely worth watching :)

<3 Posted from Steffie's iPhone :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm actually feeling pretty damn shitty now :(

I've had an insane long week this week, everyday from 9am-5pm apart from Thursday which I had an 8am start. Even the shortest day we had was from 9am-3pm. Such a long and tiring week.

On top of that, Perio didn't go as well today either. I was having trouble getting the sitting and scaling position right. I didn't even finish the whole mandibular arch at the end and the ones that I've managed to clean weren't that great too. Specks of nail varnish were still stuck on the tooth surface :((((

A wave of panic struck me on the way home and I'm feeling very stressed out now :(

OMG. I'M GOING TO FAIL T_______________________________T


I was on Skype the other day and I received a pop up message from Steph. I actually thought it was some important document and therefore stupidity took control and I clicked it open -_-




And now it has taken over my instant messengers, eg: Skype and MSN. 

Remember one of the moronic diet messages and links that pop up when you friend's laptop had that stupid virus? 

I'm one of them now :(((((((((

Oh dear. 

stumbled upon.

It's times like this that I feel lucky, a pure sense of delight when I'm browsing through YouTube and discover hidden talented artists and really feel their music or videos :))) Their thrive to succeed and to tell the whole world that they are indeed amazing talented definitely made me feel humbled. It shows that there's more to life and it makes me feel more alive, hopeful maybe; and it proves that it is worth the effort to daydream :)

These are a few YouTube individuals that I think are worth watching :)

Wong Fu Productions
A trio group (Wesley Chang, Philip Wang and Ted Fu) who shoots short films- shorts as they call them, introducing their own unconventional story telling perspectives. Their works have actually been screened in Cannes and San Diego film festivals and they were interviewed by CNN :)) I've a few personal favourites but generally, all their shorts are very enlightening and may I say original? New concepts and twists that I've never thought there would be. Sometimes communication is lost in translation. It's hard enough to express feelings to one another even if we are friends, moreover to convey a message across a laptop or iPhone screen to touch the audience's feelings. Well, that would be a work of art :)

See Through (One of the Shorts shot within a day in Hong Kong :) )

At Musing's End (Part 1)

At Musing's End (Part 2)

When Five Fell (Prologue to At Musing's End)

Amazing singers and pieces that I'm currently obsessed with:
PS: When I say obsessed, usually it's on my replay mode on my iPhone for like 200 times or sth :D

AJ Rafael
When We Say (JuiceBox)
One of my favourites and his music video was shot by Wong Fu Productions too :) Major love <3
There's always an inkling feeling or a sad thug on the heart when we witness unreturned love. Maybe it's the feeling of being unwanted, being an extra; or just that you know deep inside, that you can never be more than just friends.

500 Days
Inspired and written by AJ based on the movie- 500 Days of Summer. Those of you who've watched it, would've know about the bittersweet ending. As a sucker for happy endings and happy ever afters, I must admit I was indeed a lil frustrated, furious even when I realised both main characters didn't end up together. Seriously, how could that happen?? :(

I do hate reality sometimes.

David Choi
I just discovered this hidden gem when I noticed that he composed quite a number of musical pieces for Wong Fu Productions' shorts. He's basically an all in one - composer, writer and singer. And he does have an unique voice. Very Jason Mraz. :) Me like.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

turn around, bright eyes.

I'm currently really hooked to Glee :))) it's such a good series as you can sing a long with the cast with familiar songs :) but somehow the recent episodes are a bit .... meh. The Madonna episode was awesome though! I've always been a fan of hers (influenced by my cousin, whom might be the biggest Madge fan ever. Imagine posters of her stuck on his wall and he's a freaking 30 year old :p) This week's Glee episode was alright, till the climax at the end :D total eclipse of the heart is an absolute love <3 and may I say Puck is such a hot badass? :)

I've seemed to be pretty easily annoyed lately. Lol. Personally, I find it really irritating that some ppl always nod/ agree to statements being made by others but they actually don't know what we were talking about? It's like they just enjoy the thought of being included in the conversation =/ It's okay if it's not frequent, but please don't do it on purpose every.single.time. It just makes you look.... sad.

Also, certain ppl should hide their absolute insanity. It's not very pleasant to hear other friends talking about them but really, the stories I hear; and they are at least 80% true, no matter how crazily exaggerated they might be, never failed to make me go O.O O.O wtffffff (!!!!) Stalking is definitely not cool. Heh.

Today was pretty exhausting since lectures ran from 9am-3pm and I had PBL (problem based learning) from 3pm-5pm :((( Life of a dent student = no life. sigh. Pretty glad that we were with Group 7 cuz we can pretty much go along well with each other :)) and THANK GOD Dr. Stacey wasn't our tutor :D She was supposed to be taking care of our group but the swapped it with Helen in the end :) sucks to be the group who's next to ours!!! lol.

AND I'm officially tutoring! :D if there're any students who are joining the tuition centre that is. lol. but whatever :) I don't mind taking it slow for now :) I really need some moolah for splurging on Asos 2 days ago T________________T

but it was free shipping!!!! *indignant*

time to hit the books for a bit :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


9-5; 8-5; 9-5 classes from tomorrow till Friday.

MEH. -_- kill me now. I definitely need more sleep :(((

*scoots away and buries herself underneath gigantic note pile*

PBL tomorrow and we're assessed based on participation. I feel so unprepared >.<

Stress lah.