Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tis' Strange That.

How when you found out a married man is having an affair, you just lose all respect you have for him. Speaking of which, did I mention he has 3 kids in his current marriage? Oh well, who am I to judge anyway >.<

How some "friends" manipulate your friendship and only bother to contact you when they need help or a favor from you.

How impossible it is to have true friends around you and I'm proud to say I am blessed with a few :))

How fucking heavy Lindhe is -__________- I swear it weighs AT LEAST 5kgs D: D: D:

How hols are passing so fast that the days are turning into a blur.

How friendships can be rekindled so easily if we actually do bother trying and it feels soooooooo good when they do.

How some people actually prefer to be left behind.

I need some ABCs :( They don't serve it in Malaysia :(

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcoming 2010 :)

It has been awhile since I've last blogged :( well mostly due to my own laziness and also, I really cbf-ed lol. I am such a bum :( which is an understatement really. Haha.

A lot of changes had taken place in 2009 and choices were made whether it's good or bad, we'll just have to see how everything goes. Sometimes, I just think it's for the better. Or should I say, I hope it is really what I wanted.

2009 went pass with a blink of an eye! Literally. I can clearly remember still all the events that I went to, how we celebrated Chinese New Year last year, how friendships grew and now we are such a tight knitted dent family, etc. It was like whoosh. And there goes the year.

Summary of 2009:

#1 Enrolling into Dental Science at Melb Uni and receiving JPA's full scholarship funding for my course were one of the best things that ever happened to me :DD Initially, I was funded by a relative and the feeling of owing someone's kindness and may not be able to repay was simply torturous. Family politics aren't the best dramas in life that I'd like to encounter. Therefore, JPA was a blessing and had definitely lifted up the heavy financial burden from my parents and emotional burden for me :) Can you imagine a life of to bowing down, unable to voice your own opinions because you are in debt to someone, financially or emotionally? D: D:

#2 Uni life was an eye opener for me, embracing the real, gigantic world. With Chris and Alice around, I've learnt to improve my social skills and mingled with everyone. I tried my best not to be judgmental and realized that at most times, people aren't how they seemed to be. We just need to know how to communicate with them and be nice, then you'll be treated well too :))) Frank Tating during Swot Vac was when I bonded most with the dent family :) basically we studied, mingled, ate, joked during our study sessions and it was great! :D We are so much closer now compared to before and these are the great friendships which I really do cherish <3

Jack Jack :) bestest and closest friend who will always be there for me

:) good friends to be with

Classy Alice <3

Love you guys :)

#3 I had my first hand experience with the dreaded LDR. We have officially embraced singledom but we are still the best of friends :) We still talk as much, if not more on the phone but the only difference is that I feel like I can tolerate it more than withstanding an LDR. I wouldn't deny the liberation I felt when it was decided and I do miss you still :)

#4 2nd year dent here I come!!!!!!! :D :D Was pretty pissed at my score for OHS though :(( sif they can't give us 1 damn mark more to get a H1 :( Seriously.

#5 Twitter is now my favourite pastime lol! You know you're addicted when you always have on inkling to tweet if ANYTHING interesting happens. Wtf. And not to mention going through every single tweet updates lol. Major stalker I am :p :p

#6 My trip to Japan was one of the best trips I've ever been!!!! Those who know me well do know I've a massive soft spot for Disneyland :D :D and that's something that I can go on and on and on about. Haha. I'll write up a proper post on it soon!! (yes, I can see Jack Jack's eye rolling all the way from here lol) Japan was the first trip we went without Dad :( but that can't be helped as someone would have to take care of grandpa :(

#7 We joined Fitness First in Melbourne this year! :O :O :O That's the reaction I get for telling anyone that I've joined the gym T____T It is proven that we are such bums that no one believes us when we first tell them T_________T wtf. We as in Jack and I. Hahaha. Gymming was a good workout but obviously erm, we got lazier towards the end of the year. LOL. Shall be hardworking this year!!!!

#8 Events and parties in Melbourne are definitely memorable LOL. Fuck, I even lost a pair of my precious Steve Maddens in the foam party :(((((( Tragedy of the year :((( Should've just gotten the cheap pair of cotton ons :( Clubbing in Melbourne was real fun, especially with the regular clubbing family I've :) Pre-drinking is always crazy as, typically if we were at Kech's. Gosh. The stories and dramas can actually beat the whole season of Desperate Housewives. Lol.

#9 Realization of how a pain shifting can be :((( 3 days and like a humongous shelf, a glass table with four chairs and a million boxes packed, we'd distributed everything to Kech's and Chris's places. Thank god for them, if not we'd have to pay an exorbitant storage and mover fees for all the stuff :)) And Chris actually drove so many rounds to pick up everything and shifted it over with the help of the guys :)

#10 No matter what you Blackberry suckers say, Iphone is still the best :p You're just jealous that your phone is bulkier and doesn't come with a touch screen. Hmph. :p

Quote of the day:

Life is fair. I get my shit and you get yours :)

LOL. love it. Am so gonna tweet that. Haha!