Friday, April 3, 2009


hey everyone :)

i'm back from my month long hiatus! haha due to various reasons eg: no internet connection for the first 2 weeks while i was in Melbourne (D: omg right!? we nearly died of boredom and 3 of us sharing ONE cable internet working on dial up speed isn't a very good idea at all), too busy with dent stuff ( :( dent is turning me into a nerd) and also the time consumption for exploring Melbourne city itself :)

ah well. Melbourne city is treating me pretty well. i'm pretty much settled in and enjoying uni life :) dent is really a fun course but the work is like raining down in truckloads, i kid you not D: D: basically i've classes 5 days a week, 4 days starting from 9am and 1 from 8am. we don't get to choose our time slots due to the microscopic number of students in my course. 80 to be exact. it's awesome in the aspect that we get to know each other well as it's just a small number of us :)

my course is flooded with koreans and they are really friendly to everyone. but they kinda group to themselves and speak korean whenever they see each other, leaving you out in the dark >.< but we got used to it and we are improving :D we went for lunch together (with the koreans and locals)!! it's a bigggggg achievement for us :p 'cause it's pretty hard to break into the korean circle xD

dent is super taxing and at uni level, it's actually pretty much self studying. by now, we are supposed to know how to identify each tooth D: D: like wtf right?!!! it's only like 5 weeks into uni and we're given teeth in jars and are expected to KNOW which tooth is which. Mandibular or maxillary (means upper or lower arch in dent terms). sighhhhhhh i'm turning into a nerd :( the amount of time i spend in the library now is like more than the time i've spent in a library back in malaysia for 19 years :O :O

haha our dental society is a very happening society btw. they are organising a booze cruise a day before Good Friday. it's like you get onto a boat and drink your hearts out for the night. lol. it's gonna be fun! :D

more updates later. i'm too lazy to type already :)

PS: all posts related to dent stuff will be stored under "wisdom tooth". why? 'cause i'm just being random :)