Sunday, May 9, 2010

FAME! :)))

I'm gonna live forever!!! :)


Fame was amazing tonight! :)))))) Definitely one of the best musicals I've seen so far! :D It's my birthday present from Jack Jack *loves!* and the performances were simply breathtaking :)

The set was pretty cool 'cause it has a slight modern twist to it. Instead of having the usual backdrop, the stage's backdrop was computed, therefore they don't have to shift the stage props as much :) 

The dancers were FANTASTIC. Omg. Dance moves were so clean and spot on that it just made us go "Wow," Breakdancing, jazz, ballet, latin, you name it they've got the chops. I still can't get over the guy who did a freaking perfect starjump!!! I was literally -> :O with bulging eyes. Lol. 

Taila Fowler, the Australian So You Think You Can Dance champion was Iris, the sleek ballerina :) Her performance tonight could clearly justify her win :))) And all the dancers were sooooooooooo fit!! *time to hit the gym for me :( * They all possess crazy abs and freaking toned bodies (!!!) 

Also, Istana Budaya is nothing, compared to Regency Theater. The ambiance was perfect with great lightnings and gorgeous architectural design inside. Initially we thought that there wasn't a live band but they screened them sitting behind the stage at the ending :))) 

Iris and Tyrone :)
Tyrone has like the craziest body EVERRRRRRR!

Meet Rowena Vilar :) She plays Carmen Diaz in Fame and she's such a feisty dancer and pretty good actress :) the above photo is not from Fame btw. Took it from the web :)

Cast in practice :)
This is the part where Carmen sang Fame :) Being ambitious and ready to conquer the world!

Outside Regency Theater :) 
Pardon the bad photo quality, they were all taken by my phone :)

Chandelier in the main theater! :) 
It looks much better in reality :))

Such a good weekend compared to my week! Definitely worth watching :)

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  1. yeah, it's really one good musical! =)

  2. definitely! :) and I've watched quite a few :) I think the cast was much better than the last Fame that I've watched in KL years ago.