Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i'm walking on sunshine.

Feeling freaking tired but it was a very productive day! *pats self :)*

Waking up to rays of sunshine beaming through the glass panel makes me chirpy and extremely happy :) I do look forward to the day if it's nice and sunny. Lol. Reinforces my suspicion that I'm just a tad bipolar :pp

Glee's version of Total Eclipse of The Heart was stuck in my head and was on constant replay, leading to a hyper me-- singing aloud and prancing around while heading to Nori lol.

Chris: "You seem pretty happy today,"
Me: "YES I AM!!! :D the sun is out!!"
Chris: "-___-... but I'm happy too! I'm going to get my keyboard today :D"

We definitely hv an overdose of endorphines :)))

Studying was good cuz I managed to cover 2 Physio lectures in btwn breaks and that.is.RARE. Wtf. I don't even know why I was so pumped to study today. The usual me would be lying around on south lawn, basking under the sun with this beautiful weather.

AND I prepared for anatomy prac tomorrow!

So proud myself today! :)

Time to get some well deserved rest :))

xx ta!

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