Monday, August 31, 2009

LOL :)

This is how we first years roll.

Lol :)

My classmates performed for the Charity Concert last Sunday to raise funds for the dental van ^.^
It's really funny and I was gawking at Max (the guy dressed as a super hero. I knowwwww!! How brave is that :D)

I missed the stage performance 'cause I overslept T_T T_T Had to watch it on Facebook instead :(

So much to do

so little time :(

ahhh. i'm just done with my dent materials assignment and there's histology, embryology and anatomy (the killer) to go :(

plus, 2 more assignments. shit.

it has been awhile since i've blogged and there are so many events and things i'd like to blog about but i just have to find the time for it :((

gah. so annoying!

and the bf's leaving soon to uk :( the long distance relationship is going to be further than ever before.

PS: will definately find the time and TRY to post the pictures and all :) stay tuned!