Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's already the 2nd week of September and I have no idea what I'm doing.


Everything is changing quicker than the Melbourne weather and I'm unsure how I'm dealing/facing it. There are 3 main things in my life that I need to deal with right now - Graduation, Migration and Job Hunting. All 3 are progressing slowly and I can feel the pressure building and I don't like it very much.

It has been difficult in the job hunting world. Every person I've spoken to unabashedly pointed out that they aren't seeing patients as they used to and appointment books have been left empty. Such news just depress you even further. There's not much to look forward to after graduation, is there?

Sometimes the thought of heading home doesn't seem like a bad idea anymore.

I miss my boyfriend, family and friends. I miss the food, the people and the familiarity.

Standing at the cross road now, just as I had 5 years ago when I took a leap of faith and took up the scholarship, what should I do?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Note to Future Self.

When a man tells you the reason that he stayed on for so long in a relationship with you, is because, that he loves you, he is a keeper.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


Oh man, it's already the end of June and it's the middle of winter, which means it's furreeezzzzinggg now :( it's so cold that my toes felt like they are going to drop off any second.

We are now into the 1st week of Hospital Rotation for our final year placement. It has been interesting so far, going for consults with surgeons in the Royal Children Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital. Unfortunately we are placed in emergency services with RDHM on weekends now and it is very depressing indeed. Imagine having your weekend taken away! :(

Le housemate is back in KL and I'm home alone again. It's getting really quiet around here :( sigh.

Lack of sleep and weird patients don't make me a happy person.



Monday, February 4, 2013

6 years :)

Happy 6th year anniversary baby :)

We've been through so much and yet, we are still together. That speaks for itself really. Long distance is never easy. Ily v much so :) ❤

Zouk 2012

Christmas dinner 2012

Hoi An, Vietnam 2012 :)

Hope there are many more to come :)


Okay. Today is officially the worst day ever, albeit our 6th year anniversary.

One of my dent gfs just texted me and told me her bf broke up with her.

And I knew how much she liked and cherished this relationship.


Far out.

Just received the most retarded call ever.

What the fuck.

So, this inconsiderate fuck of a course mate I have just called in for a favour.

She "booked" her patient in to PC tomorrow and obviously, Dr.E isn't in and she had to reschedule her booking to next week, which coincides with my PC session. She thought she got away with it but I knew she was fucking lying. I was in the computer lab today and I bumped into her group mate and she had GP today. I'm sure she had to see this patient/ tried to book her in for PC which she couldn't tomorrow and hence booked her in next week and dump the responsibility on others.

What the fuck.

If the pt has pain and need emergency treatment, which is what PC is about, that's fair enough. But this little bitch has the nerve to call me, and ask me to fabricate 2 temporary crowns for her patient. HELLO?! I'm not responsible for the shit you do to your patient. WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND CEMENTS A CROWN WITH TEMPORARY CEMENT AND VASELINE?! Obvious-fucking-ly it's going to come off?!?!?!!?!?!??!??!? DUHHHH?!?!??!?!

Apart from that, she conveniently throw in a, "Oh, if you have time, can you take a bite reg for me? PVS would do," oh my fucking god. Are you retarded or sth? YOU booked in YOUR patient and it's YOUR responsibility to be there and take care of her treatment, little bitch. YOU DO NOT dump YOUR picky (yes she had the nerve to tell me her pt is picky and had complained about her demo before) patient onto others and expect ppl to do the shit you ask for.


Just go fuck yourself asshole.

I'm going to make temporary crowns out of resin composite, etch, prime and bond onto the tooth and slab it on you little bitch.

Fuck this shit.




Why didn't I call my pt yesterday >:(

Shouldn't have listened to you -___-


What a waste of my GP session. GRR

Not a good day.

PS: It's our 6th anniversary today. I should be more elated than this. FTS.