Friday, February 13, 2009

I've never thought leaving would be so hard.

I want to leave this damn country with all of my life, yet it's so tough to be apart. The irony is disheartening.

I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have, and cannonball into the water.

For you, I will.

Heartache is such a bitch.



I've just realised how superficial my extended family could be.

For an estranged uncle, whom I've never spoken more than 5 sentences in my whole 19 year old life, is now acting as if he's very very very close to me and is the best uncle in my life.

Just because I'm heading to Melbourne Uni to read Dentistry.

Lol. The biggest joke of the century.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've already had a few farewell dinners from my family and my nanny :) who took care of me for 14 long years and this one is from my primary school mates :)

I'm currently trying to meet everyone before I leave coming Sunday. I'm meeting Zeng tomorrow! :D Can't wait. Haven't seen him in like 3 ish years >.< I've a pretty tight schedule tomorrow x.x I'll be having lunch with Zeng, Mossy and Rich first and will be meeting Charley and Ansyn (he just came back from Uk for hols.Rich kid!). Thennnnnnnnn supper with Melissa and my ex tuition teacher. Phew. That's a long list. *wipes sweat*

I'm trying my best to meet up with everyone and bade a teary goodbye before I leave :'( I was just kidding on the teary part. I'm saving up for the massive tear flood at KLIA. Those who are sending me off remember to bring towels to soak up the tears and mucus. Love you all much :)

Peeps who I've yet to meet are my own high school besties (Beebers, Sarah, Lynnie and Elsa) and college besties (Mabs, Qing, Cow, Ming and Horny. We are the miserable few who were left behind after the Ukay ppl left us :( ) Do holler me to arrange somethingggg!

I'm leaving with one of my best mates from primary school, Siang Hang to Aussieland. Him on the 10th while moi on the 15th. He's heading to ANU, the obscure uni :p in Canberra whilst I'm heading to Melbourne yo! Our farewell was organised by my primary school best friend- Anielle, whom after all these years (I knew her since we were 8 and we are hitting the big 2-0 this year *hyperventillates*) stayed true to our friendship and is one of the sincerest friend I'm lucky to have. We've known each other for 12 years to be exact :) and we go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back.

We have a small close knitted group and now we've evolved into constant yamcha kakis :) Those were the days when we had daily gossiping of other classmates, bullying classmates (we were really mean), shooting bottle caps, spreading rumours on how the washrooms were haunted (HAHAHAHAHA!), annoy the teachers until they cry, giving nicknames to those we dislike (Wakiki Burger!) etc.

Good times :)

The girls :) Spot the pimp and he's Siang Hang. Lol.

The boys :)

3 besties! :D
Anielle, Me and Siang Hang

Meet Shu Hui! She's the one on the far right ^^

The usual yamcha kakis! :D
Somehow someone will always organise a meet up ^^

She actually gave us presents too *watery eyes**sniff*

You're a wonderful friend my dear

Omg. This was how I look liked when I was 12 -___________-*diessss*

Mini me :D
Group pic!
Thanks for everyone who came that night :) you guys totally made my day :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello love.

You've been nothing less than wonderful :)

It has been the best 3 years.

Thanks for taking good care of me and sharing our lives together was the greatest experience ever.

There's much to celebrate and more to cherish in the near future <3 :)

This year for our anniversary, we did the most bizarre thing ever. Apparently we must attempt the impossible to celebrate the milestone of our relationship *according to him*

We cooked our own dinner. Okay I shall repeat to emphasize the outrageous statement I just made. In caps.


Well, for someone- me who had never cooked anything else in her life apart from Maggi (the ones in the cup where you just pour hot, boiling water into. Am not bothered to cook the type which needs a pot :p ), sunny side ups anddddddddddddd frying bacon, I've attained the impossible! LOL. But it really felt accomplishing to devour your own cooking after all the hard work. Plus, the food was, most importantly, EDIBLE *throws confetti* and they were quite delicious *releases ultimate fireworks*. I swear. It's reallllllllllllly good :)

Menu of the day!
1. Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup (okay we cheated on this one. it's from Campbell. Haha)
2. Pan fried Black Pepper Beef Steak (Yums! :) We bought the marinated ones from Cold Storage and they did a pretty good job at it ^^)
3. Oven baked Russell Potatoes filled with Mozarella (Oh god. This is the besssssssssssst!)
4. Japanese Corn (Sweet but not salty enough :( )
5. Fresh Salad with Italian dressing
6. Pan Fried Prawns ( Tried the recipe at my primary school reunion BBQ and it was fab!)
7. Cuppacakes' Petite 36 cupcakes! (My fav cupcake store!! but sadly I couldn't get my hands on the mini 49 cupcakes :( prefer the tiny, cute ones to the petite ones :( )

The ala-master.

End product :) This is Kok Shin's portion

God liked mozzarella Russel Potatoes and sweet corn

Happy baby!

Close up!
More cheeeeeeese

Long story on these roses :p
Was pretty pissed at the bf for being late to fetch me but how was I supposed to know that he drove all the way to my area to get me them roses as it was too jammed to head down town and drove all the way home to put the flowers in his house *as he wanted to give me a surprise*, then drove all the way to pick me up from my place? *;) sorry dear :) *

Cupcakes! :)))

Please excuse my cam whoring pics :p

<33 Happy 3rd year anniversary to us and and early Valentines :)
Will miss you much in Melbourne dear :(

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I just found the cutest emoticons website ever!

HAHAHAAHAHA so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

I'm leaving.

In less that 8 days' time :(

So much to do, so little time. I'm currently procrastinating on packing my luggage because when I start to pack, it really means that I'm leaving. For real. :'(

I'm gonna miss my char kuey teow, steamboat, mamak, seafood, BED (do you know how comfortable my bed is? :( ), Jit Jit (my pet tortoise) etc.

And of course everything that's familiar to me here (ks, parents, family, friends).

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Will I be able to hold my tears at the airport? I certainly hope so but 'fraid that it's not happening.

PS: I just checked the time and it's 2.05 am and the bf is still at his uni mates' house trying to finish his group assignment. :( Poor boy. I think I really take up a lot of his time haha

Btw. Happy Niu (same intonation as "new" and it means "cow" in chinese ^^) Year everyone! :D

My Cny can be summarized as: eat.gamble.get angpaus.sleep X1000000000 times. Which I ain't complaining 'cause it's the time of the year that you get much moolah :D and free gambling without being frowned upon :D Unless your neighbours called the police to knock on your door due to high excessive gambling noise pollution, causing them insomnia.

I've bought our rice cooker! :D Really handy thing which doubles up as a slow cooker! <3 and also it can be used to bake O.O

And for those undergraduate students who are currently taking courses which involves medicinal studies, eg: Medicine, Dentistry, BioMed? I strongly suggest that you guys get your books from Kamal Bookstore, which is located right opposite the General Hospital, along Jalan Pahang, next to the 7-11 store :) Ai Lin gave me a booklist and I bought my 1st semester related books there for around 100 plus ringgit each. Pretty reasonable, I would say, since they are all color printed on shiny papers (^^) and of really good quality too! I bought 4 books in total which were all recommended by Ai Lin (my senior in uni).

1. Anatomy Atlas by Netter
2. Oral Histology and Embrology by Berkovitz
3. Principles of Bio Chemistry by Lehninger
4. Embrology by Larsen

4 books = 8 kg.