Saturday, May 15, 2010

yellow mellow.

I was pretty much home alone for the past few days since Jack has been MIA with his new friends. felt like ages since i've last seen him actually :( lol. for instance, for the whole of today, i've only seen him ONCE. and that's like 'cause i thought he was late for class and tried to wake him up.

oh wells.

being home alone actually takes some time to get used to. it was a bit quiet initially and the silence just engulfs you. it felt weird and uncomfortable since Jack used to be around when i'm at home. now it just feels different. and i'm learning to adapt to the new quiet environment. pretty daunting i must say, but i feel like i'm having more alone time and space, which sometimes are unbelievable calming :)

studies and workload are catching up on me :( somehow i ALWAYS manage to fall behind. *massive sigh* physio exam is on monday and i'm hardly prepared :((( why do i always do this to myself :( i'm such an excellent procrastinator and somehow i never ever learn my lesson >.<

perio went well today! :D i'm very pleased with myself!! :)))) last week was a disaster but it just got better this week :)) the sitting positions weren't that awkward anymore and i scaled properly with my Graceys'! :) (crazy dent talk) i managed to scale 3 quadrants today :) although they weren't extremely clean, the results were pretty good given the short period of time.

also, we were given a chance to play with the ultrasonic scaler!! *homg excited!!* it was soooo much easier to scale with an ultrasonic one :) the nail varnish comes off so easily and the tooth surface was so clean! :D my mannequin's flabby rubber cheeks were in the way and i was sort of drenched with water on my thighs :( and that earned me a spot on the "wet patch wall of shame 2010" LOL WTF. i was like whatttt the shitttttttt. lol. dent school is so interesting as you can see. wtf.

and and we got our new preclinical uniforms! it's not particularly amazing but i would say they aren't that bad looking. however, the length of the girl's uniforms was pretty indecent since it's just below the crotch level. apparently Jasmine wore sheer tights during Cons yest and the boys were pretty happy with her in sight. lol.

Mario: I was talking to Prof Burrows and he was like wow, look at that. 5 minutes later, Charles (our Cons demonstrator walked in) and he stared and Jas twice and I was like I caught you looking you bastard!!!


so lesson of the day: do not wear sheer leggings/tights with the new uniform. or else the demonstrators/boys in class would perve at you.

better get some studying done now! :)

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