Thursday, May 20, 2010


i was at Brownless with Katie just now and we were studying perfectly fine together. i went off to the top floor to search for textbooks on Cariology and when i returned to the seminar room, John and Harry Potter James were there, studying with Katie. Which was fine with me 'cause they hardly talk anyway so it's nice and quiet to study.

then in came Mr. Annoying (sorry i have to be discrete with names. who knows whoever might stumble onto my personal space here. lol)

Gosh. He was so fidgety and kept moving around the room. He went out and got some books on freaking Growth Studies. who the fuck needs a book on growth. OMG. the boring-est topic EVER. and like, we all know there aren't any growth study textbooks lying around (Alicey had already tried looking for it. you've to trust her when she says that there's no freaking references for growth studies)

ANYWAY. fine. then he was so amazed that he found the god damn book that he started telling Harry Potter James about it. they were talking pretty loudly and it was getting pretty annoying, but the best part was, Mr. Annoying here realised it wasn't growth studies for Dentistry. IT WAS GROWTH STUDIES FOR CELLULAR SYSTEMS. *insert extreme excessive profanity here*

what the fuck.

and wait. the story doesn't stop here.

he went out AGAIN *after like a billion times, moving in and out of the room. i secretly suspect that there're bugs nibbling into his thick ass skin *no pun intended* and like because it's as thick as a freaking war tank that he couldn't feel it but he just had the feeling to MOVE about b/c his retarded nervous system told him to.

he came back with yet ANOTHER book and started examining it. to which he got bored of and started fiddling under the tv. yes we have a tv in the seminar room. he was poking his stupid pen at the base of the tv and doing some random shit.

at this point, if i've took every opportunity to roll my eyes at him in reality, *i was doing it in my head/heart* my eyes would hv literally fallen out from my sockets.

Me (in brain): SHIT. better get out. so distracting. wtf.
Me (in reality): Umm, guys i'm going off to the cafe to grab a coffee :) gonna head off. Katie do you wanna come?

obviously Katie was as miserable as me. he was a pretty intolerable sight.

Katie: YESS! :)

wait for it........
Mr. Annoying + Smarty Pants: WHAT?! you guys are such noobs when it comes to coffee *disgusted tone* why do you wanna go to a CAFE to get coffee when you can just get it from the Law building for free?! *shakes head in disbelief*

Me: .......... *squishy obliging smile*




omg. i just can't tolerate some ppl and their stupid judgements. so, you are a fucking cheap Asian, who runs off and queue up for free stuff first thing in the morning, refuses to buy FOOD and stick to ppl who live in college for free lunch and get your friends to print off free notes for you from college because they get free printing?

well, it's about time that you get a fucking life.

oh wait.

you don't have one and it costs too much for you to get one.

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