Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inconsiderate people should just die.


Especially those who turn up the music even if they know you're sleeping

Or self invite to your home and play mahjong while you have to study.

Fucking hell.

Just bc you don't have to study doesn't mean you can do wtv you like.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brain Problem.

Ahhhhhh! I haven't blogged in agggggggggggggesss omg. I'm so sorry I'd neglected you :( But I think my only reader is Asher. Hahahaha! *waves at Asher* Hope you're coping well with Med at USyd!!! Come back to Melb and we'll hang :))))

Anyway. Yes I need to rant.

I've moved into a new apartment with 2 new housemates and lol, the drama has just begin.

It always starts with money drama. One of my housemates have a brain problem. He owes me money, not a large amount I'd say, but he rather pay AUD 110 to buy a pair of new speakers, which I'm sure he can live without, than to pay me back 20 AUD for groceries what I've bought and paid beforehand.


And well now he expects me to pay for whatever he needs, be it brunch or dinner and he promised to return me the sum when his daddy sends him money. Okay. I'm sorry but I'm not a loan shark nor an ATM machine. I don't have extra cash to spare and even if I do, why would I lend it to you and KNOW that you won't pay me back?



And he gets emo/depressed with his "under achievements" and "need to make his parents proud". Frankly my dear, if you really intend to make your parents proud of you or whatever you need to do to boost that sad, minuscule self esteem of yours, please do something about it. Go find a job, even a part time one to fill up your time while waiting for a job interview or wtv. Watching 3 seasons of Modern Family ain't gonna land you a job. That's really a no brainer, Sherlock.

There's only so much empathy or sympathy that you can gain from people without having to prove yourself what a true friend you are. And now to be honest, I see you as a selfish boyfriend who can't be fucked about how everyone feels apart from your own feelings. And it's downright self centred. Also, who the fuck are you to tell someone else that he has a problem when you yourself have a fucking big one too?

Buck the fuck up seriously.