Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Come Back.

Hiiiiii all! :))

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog lol. Well, nearly a year has passed omg time really flies. Let's see, what has been happening? Just a short update to whomever is still reading this:

  1. I got an iPhone 4 early this year! :))) Just a 2 year renewal with 3/Vodafone and god, it's so damn handy. Updating Facebook (more like stalking :p), Twitter, Tumblr etc is so more easier! :)))
  2. I'm addicted to Smurf's Village and Tiny Tower. This is kinda sad really, the life of a dent kid. We seek solace and peace in iPhone games that require farming and sending "bitizens" up to their intended floors. But in to my justification, I only grow plants according to my waking up time DDD: , unlike some obsessed crazy fools who plants their vegetables and wake up in the wee hours to harvest them. wtf? lol. And the "bitizens" in Tiny Tower have the most adorable costumes ever!!!! Yes. I do have a life.                                                                                                                                                    
  3. I've started seeing patients this year in the Dental Hospital!!! *yayyyyyy throws confetti!* and to answer your question (as to everyone else's), no, I haven't killed anyone with a scaler or hand instrument, yet. (CHOI TOUCH WOOD). But yeah :)) clinic sessions have been nothing short of wonderful. My patients have been great so far and they are really adorable :) I'm currently making a denture for my patient and bc it's acrylic (plastic thingy), instead of a metal framed one, I've to set up the whole thing by myself, which was really daunting and I practically LIVED in the lab to get it done. But I'm already in my final stages and hopefully everything turns out right :) Fingers crossed.
  4. My parents are coming to Melbourne to visit me this Friday! :)) I'm kinda excited, simultaneously feeling pretty stressed up with all the planning and what not. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO DO WHEN YOUR PARENTS COME?!!??!! omg. I need to clean the entire house. And of course my housemate's not gonna give me a hand, so yeah. HOMG.
  5. I've been exploring a lot of new food places :) Good food mind you. And yeah it has been pretty rewarding on the taste buds :) I'm constantly looking for new coffee places, soup and dessert places etc. No thanks to the influence of Popo and the rest of our Gourmand crew. Yes, we do call ourselves that to appear snobbish and arrogant :p LOLLL

  6. And yeah, I'm currently in an LDR and it's pretty painful to deal with the time and distance. I'm trying to be enough for myself :) , a phrase I've picked up today from reading thought catalog. It's a really good website if anyone is up for some light reading :) Absolutely love the writing style with their punch lines and quirk.
So yeah, that's a mini update from me :))

It's really random bc I just feel like blogging today. Maybe I'll blog more religiously soon :)) Drop me a comment if anyone is reading this. Lol! Hope everyone's well! <3