Friday, May 21, 2010

hi :)

i'm currently at Brownless studying Oral Bio and i'm hungry :((( i want cafe foooooooooood :((

but but... i'm too kiasu to leave the library because i just returned a Cariology book and i want to borrow it again :((( lol. typical Asian of me :p but at least i don't hide and scatter the books around! >:( you know who you are!!! it's rather amusing that when i checked the library portal, it said all copies of a certain book are available in the library and it actually turns out that they are missing from the shelves -______-

so, wtshit?!


we went for Ironman yesterday at Hoyts :) it has been centuries since i've watched a movie in a cinema in Melbourne. wait. scratch that. more like since i've watched a movie anywhere -_- (yes i'm that sad :(( ) somehow time just flies and there's always insufficient time to do every single thing that you want to do :( eg: shopping for me. apart from online shopping which doesn't really count because physical shopping is wayyyyyy better!

Robert Downey Jr. is soooooooo hot!! *swoons* he has that bad boy charm which is extremely appealing. yummy. lol. i was going like, "aww.... he's so cute", "omg he's so hot!", "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  *random hearts flying everywhere* :))) "

and Chris just found me amusing. actually it's a mutual thing. only both of us get the jokes that we make whereas everyone else just thinks that we are weird. LOL.

sorry for the lack of photos though :(( adobe detected that i'm using pirated photoshop elements 8 and insisted that i purchase the original copy :( well, i'm Asian and i have every right to download free software. hmph. and because it was from piratebay, i'd need to mount it and i hv yet to figure out how. LOL. unless i'll just grab a pirated photoshop cd when i'm back in KL, which is in a month's time? :( so please bear with me!

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