Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how to save a life.

when the world is coming down on you, and everything seem to fall apart,

fret not. i'll be there :)

just like how all of you were there for me when i needed your advice, opinions and most importantly to lend me a ear :)

your friendship and patience are deeply appreciated and cherished.

you know who you are :) the ones whom are always subjected to my complaints and rants. lol.

something that i've realised recently- i should learn to let go, and stop allowing the disturbing thoughts flood through my head. although some may think i'm dramatizing this, but i know i'm not. i may be a drama queen at times *shifty eyes* but this is not the case.

it just shows how much i care but i'm just surprised to know that i am a nobody to you.

i'm going to take a leap

*photo credits to torny at deviantart :)*

i hope that you guys had a better day than i did :)

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