Wednesday, May 19, 2010

caffeine overload.

exams are just 2 weeks away and the rat race has already begun. Frank Tate has been loaded with truckloads of students, mostly Asians (duh) and sadly including me *shifty eyes. haha* it IS a good place to study and there is less distractions than staying at home anyway. also, i can't stand the silence at home. it makes you feel inhuman somehow.

i've been going to the Broken Glass Cafe (opposite frank tate) for my daily dose of coffee to the point that the angmoh barista knows my name >.< it has reached the mark that if i don't have a latte during the day, my brain will just be blocked and couldn't think straight. oh dear.

i'm waiting for glee to stream and enjoy hot porridge while watching it in bed :))))

David Choi has a new video up for "That Girl", a collaboration with WongFu Productions :)

it's worth the watch!

PS: I'm actually really annoyed at you.more like hurt. of all ppl, you. 

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