Friday, December 26, 2008

Let It Snow.

I'm back from Hong Kong! :) the land of dim sum and roast goose and shopping of course!

More on my Hong Kong trip later :)

We had a great Christmas this year :)) Kok Shin brought me to this dining place called 7atenine at Ascott along Jalan Pinang. The ambience was truly awesome and we actually went there thinking there was an ala carte menu but unfortunately they only have a Christmas Eve menu :(

We took the Christmas Eve package WITHOUT asking how much it was >.<" yeap. smart us. And it turned out to be one heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffty bill in the end >.<" >.<" Starters were pretty horrible. Lol. We didn't even know what we were chewing at xD but thank god the food tasted better eventually :) :)

Pretty table lamp :)

The horrible starter I mentioned earlier.
From left: Horrible vege cylinder thingy, super sour apple yougurt with cinnamon and toufu?

Happy us with our champagne :D

Second dish! Butter prawns with lettuce and a tinge of vinegar :) it's pretty yummy :D

Me no happy with the food

Smoked chicken wrapped around baby potatoes, showered with strawberry sauce

Our main course!
Diced duck meat wrapped in thin pita


Moi :)

Dessert :) Wanton wrapped melted ferrero roche :D

And of course :) complimentary Baileys :)
They showered cinnamon powder on the top and Kok Shin hated the taste

Us :)

We were given party packs and we were playing the the items inside xD

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: I've shifted this post to 25th Dec :) will update on the trip later!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of Christmas Eve and Starbucks

Yup. Christmas is here again! *throws confetti*

Today's Christmas Eve and sadly I'm sitting her in MidValley's Starbucks blogging, at the mean time waiting for my mum, who's doing facial now. Long sigggggggggggggggggggh. Finding for a place to park is a bitch here! omg. It took me half an hour to find a parking and the whole premier carpark is like uber full >.<"

We were supposed to have plans tonight :((( but they were dashed yesterday by a stupid uncle who doesn't know how to maneuver his bloody Volvo and crashed into Kok Shin's Myvi's rear :( and now our poor Mini Cooper (yes it's our Mini Cooper. We live in denial :) )is recuperating at the foreman's repair shop and he's on his way to the police station to make a full police report. Sigh. We were supposed to have a great dinner at a place with awesome ambience :( oh well.

Am currently busy looking for a place to stay in Melbourne. Lodging's really expensive, approximately 800 AUD a month and that's only lodging, excluding other expenses o.O Luckily I've 2 trusty roommates already! :) Mossy and Rich! :D We are so gonna kick ass! Hahaha. In case Rich doesn't know, Mossy is already planning all sorts of crazy tricks to pull on him. Eg: Itching powder on his bed, mysterious disappearance of items (especially on his date etc etc.

I quote," Omg. Imagine one day, Rich wakes up to an empty room! All his belongings all gone and guess what? It's his DATE NIGHT! Jeng jeng jeng!"

Wtf right. Okay I added the Jeng jeng jeng part but whatever. But at least with roommies we can cut down on living cost eg: food, water and such :) Can't wait!

I hope this Christmas will be a great one :) and hopefully things will work out tonight >.<"

If not, both of us are going to spend one lonely, uneventful Christmas :(

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Lol. Just felt like that's the exact feeling i'm feeling right now :)

Oh well. Testing my new blog! :) moving away from Wordpress as it sucks to be forced to pay to change my template. Blood sucking shitheads!