Thursday, May 6, 2010

turn around, bright eyes.

I'm currently really hooked to Glee :))) it's such a good series as you can sing a long with the cast with familiar songs :) but somehow the recent episodes are a bit .... meh. The Madonna episode was awesome though! I've always been a fan of hers (influenced by my cousin, whom might be the biggest Madge fan ever. Imagine posters of her stuck on his wall and he's a freaking 30 year old :p) This week's Glee episode was alright, till the climax at the end :D total eclipse of the heart is an absolute love <3 and may I say Puck is such a hot badass? :)

I've seemed to be pretty easily annoyed lately. Lol. Personally, I find it really irritating that some ppl always nod/ agree to statements being made by others but they actually don't know what we were talking about? It's like they just enjoy the thought of being included in the conversation =/ It's okay if it's not frequent, but please don't do it on purpose every.single.time. It just makes you look.... sad.

Also, certain ppl should hide their absolute insanity. It's not very pleasant to hear other friends talking about them but really, the stories I hear; and they are at least 80% true, no matter how crazily exaggerated they might be, never failed to make me go O.O O.O wtffffff (!!!!) Stalking is definitely not cool. Heh.

Today was pretty exhausting since lectures ran from 9am-3pm and I had PBL (problem based learning) from 3pm-5pm :((( Life of a dent student = no life. sigh. Pretty glad that we were with Group 7 cuz we can pretty much go along well with each other :)) and THANK GOD Dr. Stacey wasn't our tutor :D She was supposed to be taking care of our group but the swapped it with Helen in the end :) sucks to be the group who's next to ours!!! lol.

AND I'm officially tutoring! :D if there're any students who are joining the tuition centre that is. lol. but whatever :) I don't mind taking it slow for now :) I really need some moolah for splurging on Asos 2 days ago T________________T

but it was free shipping!!!! *indignant*

time to hit the books for a bit :)


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