Sunday, June 30, 2013

Note to Future Self.

When a man tells you the reason that he stayed on for so long in a relationship with you, is because, that he loves you, he is a keeper.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


Oh man, it's already the end of June and it's the middle of winter, which means it's furreeezzzzinggg now :( it's so cold that my toes felt like they are going to drop off any second.

We are now into the 1st week of Hospital Rotation for our final year placement. It has been interesting so far, going for consults with surgeons in the Royal Children Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital. Unfortunately we are placed in emergency services with RDHM on weekends now and it is very depressing indeed. Imagine having your weekend taken away! :(

Le housemate is back in KL and I'm home alone again. It's getting really quiet around here :( sigh.

Lack of sleep and weird patients don't make me a happy person.