Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Baby :)

Happy 20th Birthday dear! :)

May your new year be blessed with lots of love from me :p Haha

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Honestly this is one of the best places which serves authentic Japanese cuisine in KL :)

My cousin brought me for lunch here 2 years back and it is still one of the Japanese restaurants which my family still frequently visit. It has a really nice ambiance (very Japanese liked, with bamboo trees and stone pebbles surrounding it. Their "rooms" are sort of small lil huts with glass panels :) ) and you can hardly miss it along the small alleys around Imbi.

Ks and I went there for lunch after my hair cut and he thought the food was really awesome :p For ala-carte, the food can be pretty pricey, which is why I'd strongly advise those who would like to try to go for their set lunch. For RM 38 ++, their Fuku-Fuku lunch comes in a bento set served with 2 main dishes that you are free to choose from their menu. Eg: Beef teppanyaki, fried scallops, salmon sashimi, soft shell crab tempura etc. Their sashimi lunch set is really tasty and it's priced a lil higher at RM 58.oo ++ but it's totally worth the money! :D

Appetizers :)
L-R: Fish sashimi , cold fried fish, vege wrapped with tuna sashimi, egg roll and the cube thingy tasted like salmon. So I shall assume it's a salmon cube thingy.

Happy Ks with his food ^^

My Fuku-fuku lunch set!
I ordered beef teppanyaki and fried scallops as my main dishes :)

Ks's Sashimi set's appetizers ^^

His super delicious mushroom soup :D

More portions of his set lunch!
So unfair :( he had tonnes more than I did :(
This is like the semi main course with the tempura and rice.
There were 2 more main dishes but I was too busy attacking my beef teppanyaki thus no pics :p

See! Point made on more food :(

Fruits, MELON ICE CREAM! (yumssss!) and Ichigo (strawberries)!! :D

Another thing about Fukuya is their ICE CREAMS. Omg. They are like god sent okay?!!! The melon ice cream tasted like you're eating real melons!! The taste is sooooooo rich it is to DIE FOR! However, this is not my favourite one. The best one is their LAVENDER ice cream :D :D omg. THAT is really orgasmic. I'm so not kidding. Unfortunately they didn't have the lavender one T____T so we had to settled for 3rd best (second best is their sesame flavored ice cream ^^) If you know me well enough, I'm not a big fan of ice creams *gasps from readers* Yeah yeah yeah. No biggie. But this is one place where I'll never miss their ice creams! ^^ (that is how good it is)

I didn't curl my hair :p My stylist just gave me curls for the day :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Melbourne Uni's pre-departure briefing was held last Sunday at KL Convention Centre and it was okay I guess? Nothing special, just a brief discussion on accommodation, transportation, visa and what not. You get the gist ;) We were separated into different groups at the last part of the briefing for a group discussion and they sad sad, meagre Dental Science students (which is us) were kinda lost as there were only FOUR, EMPAT, SEI, SI, SI (Hokkien. Different intonation from the SI in front, which is chinese) of us who'll be pursuing this course in Melbourne Uni. o.O

And I was expecting at least TEN. D: D: D:

This means either it's a super duper hard course, or we were just plain weird to choose it as a future career.

Anyways, Jack, Elsa and I met quite a few familiar faces eg: Anselm, Adeline (Anselm's sis), an anonymous librarian (omg I'm so sorry but we really couldn't remember her name, no matter how hard we racked our brain T_T), Nicole, BOON KHENG (don't get me started on him. Remember the super weird dude from HELP? Yeap. That's him!!!) etc etc. So it IS true that Melbourne is turning into a mini Malaysia.

While blog hopping today, I found a guy/girl ( I can't decide) 's blog and it's really intriguing. I'm not sure whether (s)he's a trans, or (s)he is still male but I really salute him for opposing the norm although everyone will be scrutinising him in the way he dresses, acts, talks etc. Wow. Talk about standing out from the crowd. Here's to Fauzi :) Do visit his blog :)

We were having a silent war today and it was UNBEARABLE =.= especially when you're walking around OU, shopping for HIS new year clothings, having lunch together and sitting in the same damn car all the way home. Bloody idiot.

No worries :) it's all solved now. Just felt like ranting.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just came back from our (my family's) regular Hokkien Mee stall where we had our supper and I'm awfully petrified by the dudewhowipesthetable o.O o.O I shall nickname him DWWTT. wtf.

This DWWTT has always been working in the Hokkien Mee stall since like forever and for forever I mean since like I was 12 and now I'm 20 this year :O Whenever we makan there, he always ALWAYS stare at me with this weird intense stare thingy which fucking freaks me out everytime. omg I can't even start on how he has the weird staring thing going on D: D:

Imagine he was wiping the table with a rag and he just stares up at you and coincidentally you caught his stare. OMG. fucking weirdo. Since young, I never never never NEVER dared to stare at him once I caught his stare ONCE. Unfortunately, today, after our really unfrequent visits to the stall, I totally forgot about this whole issue and I caught him staring again. WTFUCKETYF.

A picture to discribe what I saw.

Something like this. but even more SINISTER. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *arms flailing in the air*

Fuck wei. I'm damn scared now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Frenzy.

Currently I'm addicted to online shopping again! :)

Online shopping is pretty fun and addictive 'cause you can do your surveys before actually placing an order ^^ and although Fashion Truth is somewhat annoying and bitchy with the way they blog, I do find it very useful, unfortunately. As a online shop owner (ex), I'm okay with their price comparisons but I find it unjust for them to flame other e-shops with their exorbitant prices. I mean this is like ethics isn't it? You don't actually say that you're a, quote "government regulatory body in the online shopping world"


Lol. Shameless and arrogant more likely. And the best part is, they don't even check whether the items compared are exactly the same. When they are busted on their mistake, they add a "Possible Substitutes" category. Seriously wtf.

But as a shopper, I must admit that their price comparisons are really useful to identify the ones who are over charging. So no complaints there :)

Oh well, the world is full of ignorant ppl anyway. But I really beh tahan them on how they reply and their "comments" below the price comparisons' post.

Kudos for supplying a platform for readers to voice out their concerns and the price comparisons.

Bad job on replying ppl courteously and double checking on whether it's the same piece that you're comparing to.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would it be hard?

To leave everything behind and move on with uni life,

To hope that our relationship will sustain with all the obstacles yet to be faced,

To not burst into tears right before boarding the plane,

To live without Malaysian food for approximately 6-12 months,

To start a new life, path and journey.

I hope it could be easier, but hey, life's ain't that :(


Currently our lodging and all is kinda solved in a way, since we've found an apartment in Unilodge College House, just right opposite Melbourne Uni. And the only apartment which is available is the one with 2 bedrooms, yet we have 3 of us so one would have to sleep on the sofa bed haha. We might sneak a mattress into the room anyway so that when we sleep in the living room alternately, it would be more comfortable than cringing our neck on the so called "sofa bed" which I highly suspect that it's just a normal 2 seater sofa >.<"
Just to lighten up the mood :) Chip and Dale in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Ahhhhhhhhh I think I'm having some sort of withdrawal syndrome :( Sometimes, I'm really excited to move on as my future was left dangling 2 months back, whereby the furthest I might be able to go for uni is Singapore, yet now, everything's unfolding perfectly with the financial part all solved and such.

But, when I really do think about how I'm going to leaving in what, a month's time? It's kinda scary as I know I'm leaving my parents and family members behind. Ks? he's leaving to UK in September and woohoo the time difference is enough to kill both of us. Melbourne-KL is bad enough already. Melbourne-UK? Talk about LDR man. :(((((((

Now I really wonder how my cousin can manage to look past all these. And she's staying in Perth like for the rest of her life.

Monday, January 5, 2009


As our blog shop- MOC promised, we've succeeded in collecting around RM 600 ++ from our Project Christmas :D It was actually more than what we've expected :) and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, no matter how small the amount was :) It was rather surprising or shocked to receive negative comments and backlash from the public when we proposed this project >.<" Really. Doing a good deed is much needed in society nowadays >.<"

With the money in hand, I dropped by to Tesco with my parents and we bought TONNES of food stuff :) The kids should be really happy tomorrow when we are donating all the poultry to them :) Mum insisted on buying all the necessity food, eg: rice, condensed milk, Milo, biscuits, sardines etc etc. It felt really good to be doing a good deed :D The thought of helping the orphans really is a happy booster ^^

Will upload pics on what we've bought soon! :) Currently they are all happily sitting in the boot of our car waiting to be donated ^^


Hong Kong

As I mentioned earlier, Hong Kong was pretty fun this time around :)

As usual, it was plenty of lavish, mouth watering delicacies and also glorious sales in various outlets all around Kowloon, Tsim Tsa Tsui and also Hong Kong island itself. The main purpose of the trip was to bring my Grandma for holidays and so there was no MTR for everyone as it was pretty hard for her to climb the stairs and also the MTR is always packed with people, unlike the sad sad LRT service we have here. Hong Kies are always on top notched efficiency and move at least 5 seconds faster than the normal Malaysians. Haha. Something like Singaporeans. Thus, we move in cabs everytime during the trip :)

Ok. I wanted to upload my Hong Kong pics but blogger is being a bitch :( will upload them later!