Saturday, June 26, 2010


never tasted so. damn. good!!!!! :D :D

we're finally done with exams!! :)))) after a whole month of caffeine overdose and screwed up sleep cycles, we are there at last! :)

bring in the alco baby! <3

we headed off to Bond for the post exams clubbing event and predrinks was at mine. basically after 6 weeks of no drinking has led to the downfall of our alcohol tolerance. LOL. it was such a fail, seeing that we only had a quarter of an Absolute shared between the 5 of us >.<" >.<" and after 2 glasses of vodka coke mix, i was a happy girl :)))) hahahaha. Reina was absolutely adorable yesterday :) she only had 3 and was pretty much gone after lol.

Reina: Omg cheek love! :D:D:D:D
Me: cheek love! :D:D:D
*attempts to stick our cheeks together and bursting into laughing fits*
the things we do when we are drunk. LOLLOLLOL!
cheek love-> due to too much good food and constant binging (shoving food down our throats every 2 mins), our cheeks are just growing horizontally every day :((((( and through thorough discussions, we have come to agree that Asians are typically susceptible to this unfortunate syndrome :(:( oh dear. i need to lose the fat cheeks soon :(

Bond was fun! with lots of alcohol lol. well, any event with lots of alcohol tend to head down the fun way :p it has been awhile since i've been there and it was refurbished and looked much cleaner and presentable now. it was pretty dodge before. and and they played Sexy Love!!! *hearts* :)))

at the end of the night (my night pretty much ended at 12am LOL), everyone was pretty much gone. LOL. i had enough to keep me through :)), reiny was already gone BEFORE we got in anyway, Kev freaking lost his drink cards! *WTF!!!!!! it was like 5 mins before that he was holding them in his hands -_- that boy. sigh. too many stories on him being lost. that's for another day. lol *  and umm, Chris couldn't open his eyes ;) ;) LOL LOL LOL. even Simone was drunk haha and she only had a shot or something. The only person who was sober was Ai Lin haha that girl is doing a good job recently :p

Photos up soon! I need to get that damn Photoshop -_-

and i'm going back on Tuesday! :)))) can't wait!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i thought

that i could emotionally detach myself, push everything aside and just bloody focus on my freaking Physio.

apparently not.

when all i see or think is you when i attempt to study.

this is so messed up.

i'm a freaking mess myself. 

i just wanna curl up in my bed and sob.

it's about time to keep my mouth shut about some issues.

i'll just deal with them myself, without help from anyone.


the chemistry between us two is so overwhelming, that every tiny dislike or the series of mini "arguments" we have barely last for more than 2 minutes.



C: *insert off comment here*
S: *becomes silent during convo*
C: Baby why are you angry?
S: I'm not angry -_-
C: Baby you are angry!
S: No, I'm not *indignant*
C: Yes you are -_- can you please tell me why?
S: No I'm telling you I'm not!
C: Okay you can be angry at me.
S: Okay! :D


This is our two minute argument lol.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i was just checking on you, seeing whether you're alright.

yes i've read your email. that's one of the only ways i can be certain of and was being hopeful that you'd written at least something to express how you feel, knowing that you're pretty much an introvert and hardly share your feelings with anyone, but me.

good to know that's exactly how i made you feel.

it was painful to read the earlier two because it depicted how much you cared for me.

but for the one on June 6th, to be honest, if that's what you think, then great.

to think that i was trying to check on you with your friends too. well, obviously you don't realise it because that's not what i do, show you that i care.

maybe it's time to change those passwords huh?

nearly there.

after a full on crazy exam period with 5 papers in a span of 3 weeks, my sleep cycle is REALLY screwed up :( as you can tell, since i'm blogging at 5.51 in the morning lol.

5 down, 1 more to go.


everyone'd already lost their mojo in studying and it feels like the holidays already!! :(((((

i've been pretty preoccupied, even without exams, with my heart filled with warmth and fuzziness :) it has been an amazing month, exams aside and i couldn't ask for more :))

i really can't wait to finish exams!!!!! omg. i've been deprived of alco for like a month plus and what partying?!?!? :( we only leave the house to REB for exams lol. the sunny days in Melbourne are only admired from the inside, with my notes on the table and eyes fixed on the laptop screen, occasionally feeling what a pity it was to stay in.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


one of the worst things in life is when you realise that a friendship is not appreciated nor treasured mutually.

if my suspicions are true, and i did come to find out that's how you chose to treat me,

we are done.