Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things to Do.

Just a quick one.

#1 Marketing. We ran out of meat supply since..... last week. Haha. Have been surviving on insanely unhealthy food. Well not like we eat healthily normally lol but our sole meat provider for the past week was spam. Enough said. And not to mention - canned soup, daced fish, instant noodles etc. So we would HAVE to go marketing tomorrow. Also, we would need to get some food for our Mount Martha trip as well! :) Ai Lin you better come marketing tomorrow (!!!) @.@

#2 I don't know why I've a massive craving for MUSHROOMS now.

#3 I've just found out the Uncle Benny and his family are staying in the city :( OMG. Initially I thought they were staying at the Rydges opposite my apartment so when Eva (cousin) asked me to pass the baby stroller to them during their Melbourne visit, I agreed to it. I really thought it was just opposite the road (!!!) And then I was told there was THREE Rydges in Melbourne city. WTF. The best part? They are staying at the one on Exhibition St. Seriously OMFG. The stroller weighs 20kg and I doubt that it can fit in the cab since it's height is 2/3s of our fridge o.O THEREFORE, we would have to push it to the city. FML to the max :(

#4 I'm way behind in Ana-shit-tomy and I've no motivation to study :(

#5 I've finished reading my favourite Detective Conan manga :( I tried my best to savour it slowly and now the story abruptly stopped at the cliff hanger. Who's the DAMN murderer??? I wanna know T_T T_T

Double FML.

I've have to go study now @.@. Kthanksbye.


#6 Gosh how could I forget?

Our Lady Gaga tickets arrived yesterday! :) ♥♥

Friday, September 25, 2009

Anatomy Fail.

I was supposed to start studying Anatomy for my mid sem exams but I'd been sitting in front of my lappie reading Detective Conan manga :(


Plus we were planning our Mornington Mt Martha trip so I was caught in the hype of choosing the accommodations to stay at. After much contemplation, we've decided to rent a beach house - Talia and hopefully we can get our hands on it. *fingers crossed*

The problem with going on a trip in Aussieland is that everything is so damn far apart. If you don't have a car, it's virtually impossible for you to get around. Especially when in the suburbs, public transport definately can't be trusted :( We are planing to visit the famous Peninsula Hot Springs as well :) hopefully we'd manage to find our way there considering the fact that there's no direct transport (even not the bus!!!!) to the hot springs. Instead, we'd have to take a cab from the nearest bus stop.

How I wish I'm studying in UK where the tube and airplanes can bring you to Europe instantly :(

A lil sneak peek at where we will be staying at if we managed to get the place :)

Andddd the dent ppl are going clubbing on Sunday :D :D :D

Ai Lin was sooooo excited. LOL. Crazy woman. I was half way talking to her on msn when she suddenly went MIA. 30 minutes later she came back and explained that she was trying on clubbing outfits for the event on Sunday -__- -__- Very enthu la that woman. Haha

It's a new club on Collins Street called Silk Road and it is amazingly grand! Omg. The design of the place is just jaw dropping! Majestically elegant :)

-_- Okay I attempted to copy the pictures of the club for your viewing but it's on Flash Player -_- Anyone who's interested can visit it's website - :)

Maybe. Just maybe I should attempt to start studying Anatomy :(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Roaring Twenties :)

Needless to say, Dental Ball was truly awesome :) It was a really good experience but it wasn't as classy as me and Alice imagined it to be. Oh wells! We went in a pure white Chrylser eleven seater limo to the Sebel :D It was Alice's idea and I was really ecstatic since it was my first time limo-ing lol. Alice dear came over early and she did my hair (!!!) :D Koreans are amazing with hair styling I tell you :p and I'm just hopeless in it. Haha. Alice styled her hair entirely on her own (wtf! I can't even curl my hair properly :( FML) and it looked amazing :)

Oony, Chris and Jin came over around 5pm-ish andddddd they were the only ones who were early O.O O.O Earlier, Alice warned me that the Korean girls would definately be late haha and I was like,"Are they THAT bad?" Turns out, they definately have no sense of time -_______- The limo arrived sharp at 6pm and there were only 5 of us at my place. The others were missing and another couple were like at Collins St which was a gazillion miles away. Everybody was frantically calling everyone. -___-

And. it. started. to. RAIN T_T T_T T_T

Omg. I was in a long gown and was trying to avoid the big ass puddles around. Gosh. So annoying :(

The limo was freaking awesome :D the boys bought a few bottles of champagne and Oony was the champagne popper of the night. Thanks to Chris who was burnt a cd full of songs if not we would be drowning in silence lol.

All of us and the limo <3

Alice and Oony with funky lights around :D


Cool bar :)
There are actually lights around but my camera couldn't capture them :(

Alice, Oony, Moi, Joseph, Amy, Eun Ji and Jin


Soo Miiiiiii ♥♥

Joseph, Amy and Jin

Cheers :D

Since the theme was 1920s, that's my feathery headgear :)
Pls ignore Soo Mi's vengeful face. HAHA

Back :)
Told ya Korean's are awesome with hair ♥

She did it by herself :O

The boys : Chris, Oony, Jin, Joseph and Paul

Everyone meet Paul :)

Katie dear ♥

The girls :)

Joce ♥

Michelle :)

Kevin who was also nominated for best dressed :)

Chris, Katie, Reina, Alice

Kev and Chris looking good :)

Kev should put this as his profile pic on Fb lol!

Moi, Alice, Joce, Katie

Peter (with the sleek hair :)), Katie, Eun Ji, Leona (Lewis! haha), Soo Mi

Joce, Yuky, Moi, Noella (poser sial :p), Katie, Eun Ji, Leona, Trisha

Pretty Parmesh :)

Hungry ppl

Trisha, Moi, Max

I heart this pic!

Study buddy :)

Emily, Moi, Alyssa (My only ang moh uni mate T_T), Chris, Joce, Amy, Noella

The Singaporeans haha!
Kai and Justin

The awesome threesome <3

Table 21 :)

Me, Cathryn, Jennifer, Noella, Amy, Katie, Michelle

Crazy Koreans :D

Noella's Joseph :)
We have 2 Josephs!


Emily :)


Me and my food. HAHA.

Me: Ooo let's take picture of the food *happyhappy*
Alice: -________- can you not be so Asian? -_- come I take
a pic of you and your FOOD.
Me: FINE -__________________-

Hence the picture.
Ignore Chris going OM NOM NOM NOM *haha Jack I just couldn't resist :p*

The alcos! haha
Reina and Anna :)
We had free flow of drinks but the line was sooooo long that everybody ordered 2 instead of 1

Unglam pic when we hit the dance floor haha!
Last but not least,

Jeng jeng jeng!

Here comes SPIDERMAN! lol
Chris crawling around the floor -______-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're going GaGa ♥ ♥

Lady Gaga's coming to Melbourne next year :))) and guess who's going to watch her live at Rod Laver Stadium?? :D :D :D

YESSSSSSSSSS ♥ ♥ ♥ mememememememememememememememe!!! and Chris, Charley, Eric, Alice and Larissa :)Omg I'm so excited already!

And since Chris is the experienced one who went for Beyonce's concert yesterday, we were in front of 2 laptops (mine and Jack's), frantically refreshing the page every 1 second and impatiently waiting for the BUY TICKETS button to appear. LOL. Chris was the first one who the saw the button and he was yelling, I was yelling (for no reason lol) and within 3 minutes, we got the tickets!♥ Nearly got a heart attack from that. -___________- Haha :)

Chris showed me the videos he recorded using his Sony cam yest and omg he was soooooooooooo close to Beyonce! Like, right in his face close. o.O And Beyonce was making eye contact with her fans standing in front of the crowd and Chris couldn't get her attention. So he blew flying kisses at her and when she saw, she blew one back! OMGOMGOMG. I think he nearly fainted. Star struck. Hehe. Her costumes were mind blowing, especially when she was singing Halo. :O

Therefore, our plan is to go to Rod Laver super early and run in like moronic buffoons to grab the front row view, since we've got the standing tickets! :)

Lady Gaga's concert tickets were released for sale at 2pm today. And the standing ones were already sold out when we tried to refresh at 2.08 pm. Gosh! We were so lucky :D :D Can you imagine her tickets were gone in a mere 8 minutes?!

Can't wait!♥ ♥

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Roger Federer ♥

Oh my gosh!

To those who are on Team Federer, do watch the video :) it's Federer's most amazing winner in tennis history :D :D :D

Goodnight peeps! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

And So It Is.

Shin just boarded the plane to UK :(

He was supposed to leave earlier but his MAS flight was delayed for an hour :( It was pretty shitty, considering that he and his housemates have had arranged for transport and now the coach company said that they wouldn't wait for them unless they can make it for the 0630 one. The thing is, they are arriving at 0530 D: D: I highly doubt that they would be able to go through customs, collect their luggage AND rush to the bus station in time amidst with other 5 million more of international students trying to figure out their transportation as well.

I've googled 2 solutions for him. Either they take the National Express Coach and stop at Malsborough Station or take the train to Bristol Mead Station. They would have to travel by cab both ways to their house anyhow. And I've also found out the maximum cab fare would be 15 pounds from there. Efficient much? :) :)

Friends have been asking me how I felt that he is leaving. Whether I feel the heartaches or am I indifferent. To me, I felt since that I didn't send him off in the airport and didn't witness him leaving in front of me, the impact that he is going away doesn't feel so strong. It just felt like the long distance relationship we are in just got further, with excruciating time differences (around 10 hours). But everything else stays the same :) so it ain't that bad I guess :)

Guess what. I'm such a crazy girlfriend. Haha I've even calculated when he's arriving at Heathrow Airport and the Melbourne time corresponding to it :p :p

Baby, have a safe flight and I'll be talking to you 13 hours and 10 mins later! <3 <3

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bading Goodbye.

It has been a very long and bleak day today.

News of a friend passing away back in KL in the wee hours this morning caught my attention and at this point, it's still incomprehensible. The fact that he had passed is still hard to grasp on. According to my Wesleyan friends, he attended a farewell party and was test driving on his way back. He sped too fast and crashed into the lamp post in front of Bangsar's McD and flew out from his seat. His head was severely injured (hemorrhage maybe?) and he passed away at 5.45 am. Currently, the friend whom was sitting on the passenger seat is still unconcious in the ICU.

To Shobaan,

We were never close enough for me to share with everyone on how a great friend you were or what amazing things you'd done in your life. But what I do have are small, vague memories of you as a classmate, an LRT travelling partner and a friend.

As Sarah said earlier, you are definately a legend in WMS. No matter which set teaching class you were in, be it English or Malay, you would fall a sleep anyhow, anytime, anywhere. Your act of sleeping while leaning against the wall, especially during Mrs. Moses' class was just plain epic. Seriously. Until now, all of us still couldn't decide whether you were really asleep, or was just pretending to be in order to piss the teachers off.

You have the most crazy mobile collection. I still remember you had one of your mobiles confiscated during class one day and was complaining to me while we were on the LRT together. It was one of those rare occasions where we bumped into each other at the station after school as you hardly go home early anyway. You said the prefects were picking on you 'cause you were the then vice principle's nephew and it was plain unfair. But you told me it was okay anyway, because you have even more mobiles at home (I can't remember how many, but it was a ridiculous amount o.O ). You were just worried about the SIM card and that your "machas" would not be able to contact you. Heh.

You are one of the unique people in life whom would go against the norms of society, always breaking the rules and living life on the fast lane. It just occured to me that it was a farewell which you've attended before your passing, and strangely, it seemed to be a farewell for you instead. Although with you leaving your family and friends is a tragedy, but to think on the bright side, it was fortunate that you had the chance to gather around your friends for the last time before bading your last goodbye.

I'm still overwhelmed by you leaving the world. I'm sure everyone is. You were just so young. May you rest in peace, wherever you are.

Note: I definately have not written a brilliant piece about you, but Terri surely did.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm currently taking a break from studying Histo :) Argh. I've been spending so much time going through Histology and Embryology for tomorrow's test that it's killing me. I detest embryology :( I've spent the whole night yesterday trying to understand wtf is going on for embryonic development of the heart and the pharyngeal arches. And slept at 7am. D: D: D:

At least I'm done reading through the materials :) For once I'm slightly on schedule with my nerding. Gone are the days which I only study last minute. Maybe 2 days before the most. Feeling satisfied :)

Can't wait for tomorrow to be over though! Then I'd have another assignment to hand in coming Tuesday. Thank god that Mike Morgan extended the dateline :) Dental school is so disorganised that it's awesome possum.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Neutrophil Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte.

It's almost 4am in the morning and I'm here, trying to lift up my eyelids and am having futile attempts to stay awake. :( Sigh. I'm not exactly technology literate therefore I immensely dislike studying/revising the notes through the computer programme. It strains my eyes and I get highly distracted with Facebook and what not. Boo. Slides printed on proper papers and colourful highlighters are definately the way to go :D

Sometimes it's just hard to grasp on how a person mind works. Why would you want to betray the trust of people who sheltered you when your life hit rock bottom, provided you a home and a family and trusted you whole heartedly? I've never liked you for some reason. Intuition, perhaps. And I actually thought I was being biased for telling Mum that you're up to no good. You took 4 years to yearn for acceptance in the extended family and it just took a few days to wreck it all. Sad, isn't it? Second chances don't come by so often and I would account this as a miracle. I would've called the cops if I were they. Count your blessings dear. You're definately running out of them.

You've hurt them so bad. It's disgusting.

Hunger makes the thief of everyman. Save a thief from the gallows and she will cut your throat.

Don't see your shadow around when you walk. If these walls could talk they would have so much to tell.

Time for bed. Toodles.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Histo histo histo.

What an unproductive day :(

I'm supposed to study for my Histology test and here I am googling for Favicons for my blog. Lol. If you haven't notice, it's the tiny, adorable icon (the little chick) next to my url. Just had the urge to have one after I read Xiaxue's blog. Hence, let the procrastination begin.

Facebook is a very very very very bad tool for procrastination.

Boat Cruise 2009
Me and Aliceee :)

I'll find some time to upload more photos :) Promise!