Saturday, December 4, 2010


:D :D

it's so good to be home again!!! :))

i was at the airport for approximately 5-6 hours FML. my flight was scheduled to leave at 3.30 am but the last Star Bus leaving the city was at 9.30pm :( oh wells! :) thanks Marv and ReiRei for sending me off and keeping me company! lol at ReiRei's bf bashing moves. hahahaha :) so cute!

luckily i bumped into Jian Han at the airport! :D good catch up since high school and cleared quite a few rumors going around WMS ppl. lol lol. wtfffff. apparently what happened between Jack and I were extremely exaggerated and blown out of proportion. humans just love to gossip. LOL. not like i give a shit anyway. it was simply hilarious. lols.

i was teasing Jian Han 'cause he was flying with Air Asia and his flight got delayed. he was with me till 2am ish? then karma struck and MY flight got delayed. FML to the MAX. we departed at 4am and i was practically half asleep. bumped into Sam and his gf flying to KL too :)) how random is that.

anyway, i'm so hyper and excited to be back!! :D that i can't be bothered sleeping. LOL.


In conclusion.

You're just a liar.

Don't pretend to care or be sorry or whatever you had said earlier.

All the oh I don't see you it pains me; I'm sorry and I'd tell you in person. But seriously, you just don't hv the guts to apologize in person.

Please. Just stop.

A text or call to wish me a safe flight is just a simple task. Yet, you can't even do it.

So this is it I guess.

Yeah I'll still be emo and shit at times.

But at least I know now, you're just a gutless liar and is definitely not worth my time.

It's time for you to stop reading my blog. Just because you know what's happening in my life or thoughts doesn't mean you're part of it anymore.

You chose to leave. So just fuck off.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

note to self.

do not expect anything, because it's not gonna happen.

you'll just crash and burn.

i don't know what i want anymore.
i just want to see you.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


glee just makes me so happy!! :))))))))

it's a beautiful night,
we're looking for something dumb to do.
hey baby,
i think i wanna marry you.

is it the look in your eyes,
or is it the dancing juice?
who cares baby,
i think i wanna marry you.

don't say no, no, no, no, no,
just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
and we'll go, go, go, go, go
if you're ready, like i'm ready


:D :D :D

also, Ailin and SooMi :))) 

you guys are awesome. 


Cumulus Inc and me time :)

i was busy planning my whole week this week bc i was afraid that i'd be bored to death lol. and it turned out to be one of my busiest weeks ever.

-____-" i amuse myself sometimes.

i'm totally not complaining though, as i get to catch up with everyone before i head back to KL this Friday night/ early Saturday morning. yeah and it's kinda retarded bc my flight is at freaking 3.30 am and the last Star Bus that leaves the city is at 9.30pm. therefore, i'm basically stranded in Tullamarine for approximately 4-5 hours before my flight :((( SIGH. oh wells, not that i've a choice anyway.

anyhooo. the girls (Alice, Joce and I) decided to give Cumulus Inc a try, since we'd been hearing raved reviews about their food :))) and definitely no regrets dining there because the food. is. just. simply. orgasmic. OR nom-gasmic if you may. lol i love that word. nomgasmic nomgasmic nomgasmic!

since Keith recommended the lamb shoulder, we decided to order it, along with a starter- soft shell crab with thai chilli and mayonnaise and a salad - poached prawns and white cabbage :)) all of them tasted amazinggggggg. mmmhmmm.

 Joce and Alice :)

Moi and Joce

Bread & Butter
the one on the left is like a spongy bread. soooo goooddd.


the area was much smaller than i've expected it to be.
it seemed much more spacious in photos :)

quaint bar

starter - soft shell crab with thai chilli and mayonnaise
it was so tasty :)) the crab was cripsy and the sauce wasn't an overkill. it was just right.

salad - poached prawns tossed with white cabbage :)

main- slow cooked lamb shoulder
it was absolutely massive. we couldn't even finish half of it cuz of it's size.
the lamb was soooo tender and its skin was crisp as well. best combination of both :)
the meat's texture was amazing. it wasn't overcooked and neither was it too soft either.
mmmmm. nomgasmic indeedy!

we headed off to Southgate to chill on a lazy Tuesday afternoon haha. the weather was perfect today :)) totally a good beach weather. it was a good relaxing day, with both of us sitting at Trampoline's, having a good talk about everything :)) ahhhh life's good.


armed with bubble tea. heehee. asian ftw!

after Alice left with Yoshi, i was split between going home and exploring the city :)) i always wanted to explore the city on my own, discovering new streets and tiny lanes. it's always a good surprise to find something new :)) so i walked all the way from Flinders to La Trobe, turning at every corner that i've an inkling to. it was meeeeeeeee time <3 just enjoying being on my own :)

Fed Square

St. Paul's cathedral

Degraves Street
there are quite a few quaint little cafes and restaurants located along this street :)
and i've always wanted to try Little Cupcakes.
need to find another cupcake fan! lol




Bourke Street

lying on the lawn outside State Library
bc i just felt like doing so. lol!
uber happy when the weather is sunny :))
 grabbed a drink from Safeway and just lied down, staring at the sky :)


haha. this guy was mega annoyed when the asians near him attempted to feed the seagulls.
mainly bc the bread crumbs they were throwing at the seagull kinda showered over him and his book.



yeah. melbourne is pretty infested with seagulls and pigeons
Alice's arch enemies. lol lol


yeah after such a big meal, Alice doesn't wanna do dinner at Tempura Hajime tomorrow anymore :(((( 

me ish sad. the whole restaurant only takes 12 seatings per dinner session and i managed to book it miraculously. lol lol. i'm NOT giving up my reservation!! damn it :( 

anyone wants to dine with me tomorrow? lol. 

hmm. maybe i should go with guy-from-club since he asked whether i'm free for dinner.