Friday, May 7, 2010

stumbled upon.

It's times like this that I feel lucky, a pure sense of delight when I'm browsing through YouTube and discover hidden talented artists and really feel their music or videos :))) Their thrive to succeed and to tell the whole world that they are indeed amazing talented definitely made me feel humbled. It shows that there's more to life and it makes me feel more alive, hopeful maybe; and it proves that it is worth the effort to daydream :)

These are a few YouTube individuals that I think are worth watching :)

Wong Fu Productions
A trio group (Wesley Chang, Philip Wang and Ted Fu) who shoots short films- shorts as they call them, introducing their own unconventional story telling perspectives. Their works have actually been screened in Cannes and San Diego film festivals and they were interviewed by CNN :)) I've a few personal favourites but generally, all their shorts are very enlightening and may I say original? New concepts and twists that I've never thought there would be. Sometimes communication is lost in translation. It's hard enough to express feelings to one another even if we are friends, moreover to convey a message across a laptop or iPhone screen to touch the audience's feelings. Well, that would be a work of art :)

See Through (One of the Shorts shot within a day in Hong Kong :) )

At Musing's End (Part 1)

At Musing's End (Part 2)

When Five Fell (Prologue to At Musing's End)

Amazing singers and pieces that I'm currently obsessed with:
PS: When I say obsessed, usually it's on my replay mode on my iPhone for like 200 times or sth :D

AJ Rafael
When We Say (JuiceBox)
One of my favourites and his music video was shot by Wong Fu Productions too :) Major love <3
There's always an inkling feeling or a sad thug on the heart when we witness unreturned love. Maybe it's the feeling of being unwanted, being an extra; or just that you know deep inside, that you can never be more than just friends.

500 Days
Inspired and written by AJ based on the movie- 500 Days of Summer. Those of you who've watched it, would've know about the bittersweet ending. As a sucker for happy endings and happy ever afters, I must admit I was indeed a lil frustrated, furious even when I realised both main characters didn't end up together. Seriously, how could that happen?? :(

I do hate reality sometimes.

David Choi
I just discovered this hidden gem when I noticed that he composed quite a number of musical pieces for Wong Fu Productions' shorts. He's basically an all in one - composer, writer and singer. And he does have an unique voice. Very Jason Mraz. :) Me like.


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