Friday, September 4, 2009

Neutrophil Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte.

It's almost 4am in the morning and I'm here, trying to lift up my eyelids and am having futile attempts to stay awake. :( Sigh. I'm not exactly technology literate therefore I immensely dislike studying/revising the notes through the computer programme. It strains my eyes and I get highly distracted with Facebook and what not. Boo. Slides printed on proper papers and colourful highlighters are definately the way to go :D

Sometimes it's just hard to grasp on how a person mind works. Why would you want to betray the trust of people who sheltered you when your life hit rock bottom, provided you a home and a family and trusted you whole heartedly? I've never liked you for some reason. Intuition, perhaps. And I actually thought I was being biased for telling Mum that you're up to no good. You took 4 years to yearn for acceptance in the extended family and it just took a few days to wreck it all. Sad, isn't it? Second chances don't come by so often and I would account this as a miracle. I would've called the cops if I were they. Count your blessings dear. You're definately running out of them.

You've hurt them so bad. It's disgusting.

Hunger makes the thief of everyman. Save a thief from the gallows and she will cut your throat.

Don't see your shadow around when you walk. If these walls could talk they would have so much to tell.

Time for bed. Toodles.

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