Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bading Goodbye.

It has been a very long and bleak day today.

News of a friend passing away back in KL in the wee hours this morning caught my attention and at this point, it's still incomprehensible. The fact that he had passed is still hard to grasp on. According to my Wesleyan friends, he attended a farewell party and was test driving on his way back. He sped too fast and crashed into the lamp post in front of Bangsar's McD and flew out from his seat. His head was severely injured (hemorrhage maybe?) and he passed away at 5.45 am. Currently, the friend whom was sitting on the passenger seat is still unconcious in the ICU.

To Shobaan,

We were never close enough for me to share with everyone on how a great friend you were or what amazing things you'd done in your life. But what I do have are small, vague memories of you as a classmate, an LRT travelling partner and a friend.

As Sarah said earlier, you are definately a legend in WMS. No matter which set teaching class you were in, be it English or Malay, you would fall a sleep anyhow, anytime, anywhere. Your act of sleeping while leaning against the wall, especially during Mrs. Moses' class was just plain epic. Seriously. Until now, all of us still couldn't decide whether you were really asleep, or was just pretending to be in order to piss the teachers off.

You have the most crazy mobile collection. I still remember you had one of your mobiles confiscated during class one day and was complaining to me while we were on the LRT together. It was one of those rare occasions where we bumped into each other at the station after school as you hardly go home early anyway. You said the prefects were picking on you 'cause you were the then vice principle's nephew and it was plain unfair. But you told me it was okay anyway, because you have even more mobiles at home (I can't remember how many, but it was a ridiculous amount o.O ). You were just worried about the SIM card and that your "machas" would not be able to contact you. Heh.

You are one of the unique people in life whom would go against the norms of society, always breaking the rules and living life on the fast lane. It just occured to me that it was a farewell which you've attended before your passing, and strangely, it seemed to be a farewell for you instead. Although with you leaving your family and friends is a tragedy, but to think on the bright side, it was fortunate that you had the chance to gather around your friends for the last time before bading your last goodbye.

I'm still overwhelmed by you leaving the world. I'm sure everyone is. You were just so young. May you rest in peace, wherever you are.

Note: I definately have not written a brilliant piece about you, but Terri surely did.

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