Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm currently taking a break from studying Histo :) Argh. I've been spending so much time going through Histology and Embryology for tomorrow's test that it's killing me. I detest embryology :( I've spent the whole night yesterday trying to understand wtf is going on for embryonic development of the heart and the pharyngeal arches. And slept at 7am. D: D: D:

At least I'm done reading through the materials :) For once I'm slightly on schedule with my nerding. Gone are the days which I only study last minute. Maybe 2 days before the most. Feeling satisfied :)

Can't wait for tomorrow to be over though! Then I'd have another assignment to hand in coming Tuesday. Thank god that Mike Morgan extended the dateline :) Dental school is so disorganised that it's awesome possum.

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