Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're going GaGa ♥ ♥

Lady Gaga's coming to Melbourne next year :))) and guess who's going to watch her live at Rod Laver Stadium?? :D :D :D

YESSSSSSSSSS ♥ ♥ ♥ mememememememememememememememe!!! and Chris, Charley, Eric, Alice and Larissa :)Omg I'm so excited already!

And since Chris is the experienced one who went for Beyonce's concert yesterday, we were in front of 2 laptops (mine and Jack's), frantically refreshing the page every 1 second and impatiently waiting for the BUY TICKETS button to appear. LOL. Chris was the first one who the saw the button and he was yelling, I was yelling (for no reason lol) and within 3 minutes, we got the tickets!♥ Nearly got a heart attack from that. -___________- Haha :)

Chris showed me the videos he recorded using his Sony cam yest and omg he was soooooooooooo close to Beyonce! Like, right in his face close. o.O And Beyonce was making eye contact with her fans standing in front of the crowd and Chris couldn't get her attention. So he blew flying kisses at her and when she saw, she blew one back! OMGOMGOMG. I think he nearly fainted. Star struck. Hehe. Her costumes were mind blowing, especially when she was singing Halo. :O

Therefore, our plan is to go to Rod Laver super early and run in like moronic buffoons to grab the front row view, since we've got the standing tickets! :)

Lady Gaga's concert tickets were released for sale at 2pm today. And the standing ones were already sold out when we tried to refresh at 2.08 pm. Gosh! We were so lucky :D :D Can you imagine her tickets were gone in a mere 8 minutes?!

Can't wait!♥ ♥

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