Friday, September 25, 2009

Anatomy Fail.

I was supposed to start studying Anatomy for my mid sem exams but I'd been sitting in front of my lappie reading Detective Conan manga :(


Plus we were planning our Mornington Mt Martha trip so I was caught in the hype of choosing the accommodations to stay at. After much contemplation, we've decided to rent a beach house - Talia and hopefully we can get our hands on it. *fingers crossed*

The problem with going on a trip in Aussieland is that everything is so damn far apart. If you don't have a car, it's virtually impossible for you to get around. Especially when in the suburbs, public transport definately can't be trusted :( We are planing to visit the famous Peninsula Hot Springs as well :) hopefully we'd manage to find our way there considering the fact that there's no direct transport (even not the bus!!!!) to the hot springs. Instead, we'd have to take a cab from the nearest bus stop.

How I wish I'm studying in UK where the tube and airplanes can bring you to Europe instantly :(

A lil sneak peek at where we will be staying at if we managed to get the place :)

Andddd the dent ppl are going clubbing on Sunday :D :D :D

Ai Lin was sooooo excited. LOL. Crazy woman. I was half way talking to her on msn when she suddenly went MIA. 30 minutes later she came back and explained that she was trying on clubbing outfits for the event on Sunday -__- -__- Very enthu la that woman. Haha

It's a new club on Collins Street called Silk Road and it is amazingly grand! Omg. The design of the place is just jaw dropping! Majestically elegant :)

-_- Okay I attempted to copy the pictures of the club for your viewing but it's on Flash Player -_- Anyone who's interested can visit it's website - :)

Maybe. Just maybe I should attempt to start studying Anatomy :(

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