Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Roaring Twenties :)

Needless to say, Dental Ball was truly awesome :) It was a really good experience but it wasn't as classy as me and Alice imagined it to be. Oh wells! We went in a pure white Chrylser eleven seater limo to the Sebel :D It was Alice's idea and I was really ecstatic since it was my first time limo-ing lol. Alice dear came over early and she did my hair (!!!) :D Koreans are amazing with hair styling I tell you :p and I'm just hopeless in it. Haha. Alice styled her hair entirely on her own (wtf! I can't even curl my hair properly :( FML) and it looked amazing :)

Oony, Chris and Jin came over around 5pm-ish andddddd they were the only ones who were early O.O O.O Earlier, Alice warned me that the Korean girls would definately be late haha and I was like,"Are they THAT bad?" Turns out, they definately have no sense of time -_______- The limo arrived sharp at 6pm and there were only 5 of us at my place. The others were missing and another couple were like at Collins St which was a gazillion miles away. Everybody was frantically calling everyone. -___-

And. it. started. to. RAIN T_T T_T T_T

Omg. I was in a long gown and was trying to avoid the big ass puddles around. Gosh. So annoying :(

The limo was freaking awesome :D the boys bought a few bottles of champagne and Oony was the champagne popper of the night. Thanks to Chris who was burnt a cd full of songs if not we would be drowning in silence lol.

All of us and the limo <3

Alice and Oony with funky lights around :D


Cool bar :)
There are actually lights around but my camera couldn't capture them :(

Alice, Oony, Moi, Joseph, Amy, Eun Ji and Jin


Soo Miiiiiii ♥♥

Joseph, Amy and Jin

Cheers :D

Since the theme was 1920s, that's my feathery headgear :)
Pls ignore Soo Mi's vengeful face. HAHA

Back :)
Told ya Korean's are awesome with hair ♥

She did it by herself :O

The boys : Chris, Oony, Jin, Joseph and Paul

Everyone meet Paul :)

Katie dear ♥

The girls :)

Joce ♥

Michelle :)

Kevin who was also nominated for best dressed :)

Chris, Katie, Reina, Alice

Kev and Chris looking good :)

Kev should put this as his profile pic on Fb lol!

Moi, Alice, Joce, Katie

Peter (with the sleek hair :)), Katie, Eun Ji, Leona (Lewis! haha), Soo Mi

Joce, Yuky, Moi, Noella (poser sial :p), Katie, Eun Ji, Leona, Trisha

Pretty Parmesh :)

Hungry ppl

Trisha, Moi, Max

I heart this pic!

Study buddy :)

Emily, Moi, Alyssa (My only ang moh uni mate T_T), Chris, Joce, Amy, Noella

The Singaporeans haha!
Kai and Justin

The awesome threesome <3

Table 21 :)

Me, Cathryn, Jennifer, Noella, Amy, Katie, Michelle

Crazy Koreans :D

Noella's Joseph :)
We have 2 Josephs!


Emily :)


Me and my food. HAHA.

Me: Ooo let's take picture of the food *happyhappy*
Alice: -________- can you not be so Asian? -_- come I take
a pic of you and your FOOD.
Me: FINE -__________________-

Hence the picture.
Ignore Chris going OM NOM NOM NOM *haha Jack I just couldn't resist :p*

The alcos! haha
Reina and Anna :)
We had free flow of drinks but the line was sooooo long that everybody ordered 2 instead of 1

Unglam pic when we hit the dance floor haha!
Last but not least,

Jeng jeng jeng!

Here comes SPIDERMAN! lol
Chris crawling around the floor -______-

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