Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things to Do.

Just a quick one.

#1 Marketing. We ran out of meat supply since..... last week. Haha. Have been surviving on insanely unhealthy food. Well not like we eat healthily normally lol but our sole meat provider for the past week was spam. Enough said. And not to mention - canned soup, daced fish, instant noodles etc. So we would HAVE to go marketing tomorrow. Also, we would need to get some food for our Mount Martha trip as well! :) Ai Lin you better come marketing tomorrow (!!!) @.@

#2 I don't know why I've a massive craving for MUSHROOMS now.

#3 I've just found out the Uncle Benny and his family are staying in the city :( OMG. Initially I thought they were staying at the Rydges opposite my apartment so when Eva (cousin) asked me to pass the baby stroller to them during their Melbourne visit, I agreed to it. I really thought it was just opposite the road (!!!) And then I was told there was THREE Rydges in Melbourne city. WTF. The best part? They are staying at the one on Exhibition St. Seriously OMFG. The stroller weighs 20kg and I doubt that it can fit in the cab since it's height is 2/3s of our fridge o.O THEREFORE, we would have to push it to the city. FML to the max :(

#4 I'm way behind in Ana-shit-tomy and I've no motivation to study :(

#5 I've finished reading my favourite Detective Conan manga :( I tried my best to savour it slowly and now the story abruptly stopped at the cliff hanger. Who's the DAMN murderer??? I wanna know T_T T_T

Double FML.

I've have to go study now @.@. Kthanksbye.


#6 Gosh how could I forget?

Our Lady Gaga tickets arrived yesterday! :) ♥♥

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  1. Detective Conan? I prefer Hajime Kindaichi ^^.

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