Monday, September 14, 2009

And So It Is.

Shin just boarded the plane to UK :(

He was supposed to leave earlier but his MAS flight was delayed for an hour :( It was pretty shitty, considering that he and his housemates have had arranged for transport and now the coach company said that they wouldn't wait for them unless they can make it for the 0630 one. The thing is, they are arriving at 0530 D: D: I highly doubt that they would be able to go through customs, collect their luggage AND rush to the bus station in time amidst with other 5 million more of international students trying to figure out their transportation as well.

I've googled 2 solutions for him. Either they take the National Express Coach and stop at Malsborough Station or take the train to Bristol Mead Station. They would have to travel by cab both ways to their house anyhow. And I've also found out the maximum cab fare would be 15 pounds from there. Efficient much? :) :)

Friends have been asking me how I felt that he is leaving. Whether I feel the heartaches or am I indifferent. To me, I felt since that I didn't send him off in the airport and didn't witness him leaving in front of me, the impact that he is going away doesn't feel so strong. It just felt like the long distance relationship we are in just got further, with excruciating time differences (around 10 hours). But everything else stays the same :) so it ain't that bad I guess :)

Guess what. I'm such a crazy girlfriend. Haha I've even calculated when he's arriving at Heathrow Airport and the Melbourne time corresponding to it :p :p

Baby, have a safe flight and I'll be talking to you 13 hours and 10 mins later! <3 <3


  1. Auww. That's so sweet. I think LDR can be quite challenging but romantic in a way. I've been there, done that! *winks*

  2. Atreyu: Thanks :)) Yeah I know :( it's just pretty hard :( Glad that you'd pulled through!