Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would it be hard?

To leave everything behind and move on with uni life,

To hope that our relationship will sustain with all the obstacles yet to be faced,

To not burst into tears right before boarding the plane,

To live without Malaysian food for approximately 6-12 months,

To start a new life, path and journey.

I hope it could be easier, but hey, life's ain't that :(


Currently our lodging and all is kinda solved in a way, since we've found an apartment in Unilodge College House, just right opposite Melbourne Uni. And the only apartment which is available is the one with 2 bedrooms, yet we have 3 of us so one would have to sleep on the sofa bed haha. We might sneak a mattress into the room anyway so that when we sleep in the living room alternately, it would be more comfortable than cringing our neck on the so called "sofa bed" which I highly suspect that it's just a normal 2 seater sofa >.<"
Just to lighten up the mood :) Chip and Dale in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Ahhhhhhhhh I think I'm having some sort of withdrawal syndrome :( Sometimes, I'm really excited to move on as my future was left dangling 2 months back, whereby the furthest I might be able to go for uni is Singapore, yet now, everything's unfolding perfectly with the financial part all solved and such.

But, when I really do think about how I'm going to leaving in what, a month's time? It's kinda scary as I know I'm leaving my parents and family members behind. Ks? he's leaving to UK in September and woohoo the time difference is enough to kill both of us. Melbourne-KL is bad enough already. Melbourne-UK? Talk about LDR man. :(((((((

Now I really wonder how my cousin can manage to look past all these. And she's staying in Perth like for the rest of her life.

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