Saturday, January 24, 2009


Honestly this is one of the best places which serves authentic Japanese cuisine in KL :)

My cousin brought me for lunch here 2 years back and it is still one of the Japanese restaurants which my family still frequently visit. It has a really nice ambiance (very Japanese liked, with bamboo trees and stone pebbles surrounding it. Their "rooms" are sort of small lil huts with glass panels :) ) and you can hardly miss it along the small alleys around Imbi.

Ks and I went there for lunch after my hair cut and he thought the food was really awesome :p For ala-carte, the food can be pretty pricey, which is why I'd strongly advise those who would like to try to go for their set lunch. For RM 38 ++, their Fuku-Fuku lunch comes in a bento set served with 2 main dishes that you are free to choose from their menu. Eg: Beef teppanyaki, fried scallops, salmon sashimi, soft shell crab tempura etc. Their sashimi lunch set is really tasty and it's priced a lil higher at RM 58.oo ++ but it's totally worth the money! :D

Appetizers :)
L-R: Fish sashimi , cold fried fish, vege wrapped with tuna sashimi, egg roll and the cube thingy tasted like salmon. So I shall assume it's a salmon cube thingy.

Happy Ks with his food ^^

My Fuku-fuku lunch set!
I ordered beef teppanyaki and fried scallops as my main dishes :)

Ks's Sashimi set's appetizers ^^

His super delicious mushroom soup :D

More portions of his set lunch!
So unfair :( he had tonnes more than I did :(
This is like the semi main course with the tempura and rice.
There were 2 more main dishes but I was too busy attacking my beef teppanyaki thus no pics :p

See! Point made on more food :(

Fruits, MELON ICE CREAM! (yumssss!) and Ichigo (strawberries)!! :D

Another thing about Fukuya is their ICE CREAMS. Omg. They are like god sent okay?!!! The melon ice cream tasted like you're eating real melons!! The taste is sooooooo rich it is to DIE FOR! However, this is not my favourite one. The best one is their LAVENDER ice cream :D :D omg. THAT is really orgasmic. I'm so not kidding. Unfortunately they didn't have the lavender one T____T so we had to settled for 3rd best (second best is their sesame flavored ice cream ^^) If you know me well enough, I'm not a big fan of ice creams *gasps from readers* Yeah yeah yeah. No biggie. But this is one place where I'll never miss their ice creams! ^^ (that is how good it is)

I didn't curl my hair :p My stylist just gave me curls for the day :)

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