Monday, January 5, 2009


As our blog shop- MOC promised, we've succeeded in collecting around RM 600 ++ from our Project Christmas :D It was actually more than what we've expected :) and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, no matter how small the amount was :) It was rather surprising or shocked to receive negative comments and backlash from the public when we proposed this project >.<" Really. Doing a good deed is much needed in society nowadays >.<"

With the money in hand, I dropped by to Tesco with my parents and we bought TONNES of food stuff :) The kids should be really happy tomorrow when we are donating all the poultry to them :) Mum insisted on buying all the necessity food, eg: rice, condensed milk, Milo, biscuits, sardines etc etc. It felt really good to be doing a good deed :D The thought of helping the orphans really is a happy booster ^^

Will upload pics on what we've bought soon! :) Currently they are all happily sitting in the boot of our car waiting to be donated ^^


Hong Kong

As I mentioned earlier, Hong Kong was pretty fun this time around :)

As usual, it was plenty of lavish, mouth watering delicacies and also glorious sales in various outlets all around Kowloon, Tsim Tsa Tsui and also Hong Kong island itself. The main purpose of the trip was to bring my Grandma for holidays and so there was no MTR for everyone as it was pretty hard for her to climb the stairs and also the MTR is always packed with people, unlike the sad sad LRT service we have here. Hong Kies are always on top notched efficiency and move at least 5 seconds faster than the normal Malaysians. Haha. Something like Singaporeans. Thus, we move in cabs everytime during the trip :)

Ok. I wanted to upload my Hong Kong pics but blogger is being a bitch :( will upload them later!

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