Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Melbourne Uni's pre-departure briefing was held last Sunday at KL Convention Centre and it was okay I guess? Nothing special, just a brief discussion on accommodation, transportation, visa and what not. You get the gist ;) We were separated into different groups at the last part of the briefing for a group discussion and they sad sad, meagre Dental Science students (which is us) were kinda lost as there were only FOUR, EMPAT, SEI, SI, SI (Hokkien. Different intonation from the SI in front, which is chinese) of us who'll be pursuing this course in Melbourne Uni. o.O

And I was expecting at least TEN. D: D: D:

This means either it's a super duper hard course, or we were just plain weird to choose it as a future career.

Anyways, Jack, Elsa and I met quite a few familiar faces eg: Anselm, Adeline (Anselm's sis), an anonymous librarian (omg I'm so sorry but we really couldn't remember her name, no matter how hard we racked our brain T_T), Nicole, BOON KHENG (don't get me started on him. Remember the super weird dude from HELP? Yeap. That's him!!!) etc etc. So it IS true that Melbourne is turning into a mini Malaysia.

While blog hopping today, I found a guy/girl ( I can't decide) 's blog and it's really intriguing. I'm not sure whether (s)he's a trans, or (s)he is still male but I really salute him for opposing the norm although everyone will be scrutinising him in the way he dresses, acts, talks etc. Wow. Talk about standing out from the crowd. Here's to Fauzi :) Do visit his blog :)

We were having a silent war today and it was UNBEARABLE =.= especially when you're walking around OU, shopping for HIS new year clothings, having lunch together and sitting in the same damn car all the way home. Bloody idiot.

No worries :) it's all solved now. Just felt like ranting.

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