Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Frenzy.

Currently I'm addicted to online shopping again! :)

Online shopping is pretty fun and addictive 'cause you can do your surveys before actually placing an order ^^ and although Fashion Truth is somewhat annoying and bitchy with the way they blog, I do find it very useful, unfortunately. As a online shop owner (ex), I'm okay with their price comparisons but I find it unjust for them to flame other e-shops with their exorbitant prices. I mean this is like ethics isn't it? You don't actually say that you're a, quote "government regulatory body in the online shopping world"


Lol. Shameless and arrogant more likely. And the best part is, they don't even check whether the items compared are exactly the same. When they are busted on their mistake, they add a "Possible Substitutes" category. Seriously wtf.

But as a shopper, I must admit that their price comparisons are really useful to identify the ones who are over charging. So no complaints there :)

Oh well, the world is full of ignorant ppl anyway. But I really beh tahan them on how they reply and their "comments" below the price comparisons' post.

Kudos for supplying a platform for readers to voice out their concerns and the price comparisons.

Bad job on replying ppl courteously and double checking on whether it's the same piece that you're comparing to.

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