Friday, December 26, 2008

Let It Snow.

I'm back from Hong Kong! :) the land of dim sum and roast goose and shopping of course!

More on my Hong Kong trip later :)

We had a great Christmas this year :)) Kok Shin brought me to this dining place called 7atenine at Ascott along Jalan Pinang. The ambience was truly awesome and we actually went there thinking there was an ala carte menu but unfortunately they only have a Christmas Eve menu :(

We took the Christmas Eve package WITHOUT asking how much it was >.<" yeap. smart us. And it turned out to be one heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffty bill in the end >.<" >.<" Starters were pretty horrible. Lol. We didn't even know what we were chewing at xD but thank god the food tasted better eventually :) :)

Pretty table lamp :)

The horrible starter I mentioned earlier.
From left: Horrible vege cylinder thingy, super sour apple yougurt with cinnamon and toufu?

Happy us with our champagne :D

Second dish! Butter prawns with lettuce and a tinge of vinegar :) it's pretty yummy :D

Me no happy with the food

Smoked chicken wrapped around baby potatoes, showered with strawberry sauce

Our main course!
Diced duck meat wrapped in thin pita


Moi :)

Dessert :) Wanton wrapped melted ferrero roche :D

And of course :) complimentary Baileys :)
They showered cinnamon powder on the top and Kok Shin hated the taste

Us :)

We were given party packs and we were playing the the items inside xD

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: I've shifted this post to 25th Dec :) will update on the trip later!

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