Thursday, July 1, 2010



i've just landed yesterday morning and i'm really happy to be back! :)) having to return to the city i'm most familiar with, being able to meet up with friends whom i've missed and hanging out with family and Chris are just one of the many excitements this holidays :)

i'd barely a few winks on the plane and ended up watching 3 movies on my flight back -_- How to Train A Dragon was such an adorable movie! :) very witty and light :) me like. and i thought Valentines Day was a pretty good chic flick too. i was so shocked when i found out mcdreamy (in the movie) was gay! :O :O what an absolute waste. lol. From Paris with Love was alright, just another typical action flick and i was getting tired during the movie so it wasn't great for me >.<"

catching up with the parents was so much fun! :))) it felt nice to be close, as in distance wised again because i do receive more pampering from them :p (stop laughing christopher) well, i do need my daily dose of manjaness :p

i was texting my mum before i came back from melbourne:

me: i'm so excited to be back mum! :)
mum: remember to pack and sleep early (wtf right! doesn't even bother to reply in context :((( )
me: aiyor! why aren't you excited that i'm coming back?!
mum: aiyoh. i'm already taking leave to come and meet you at the airport lah princess!

haha. me like.

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