Monday, July 12, 2010



i'm really hungry right now :( but i don't feel like snacking in the middle of the night D: D: need to lose fat cheeks!! RWAR!

boo met my family today :) lol and he wondered why my crazy uncle didn't speak much during the whole dinner haha. obviously mum prewarned him about his verbal diarrhea issue :p and therefore he was under a very controlled situation. lol!

i'm really glad everything went well and he wasn't feeling too awkward with his everyone-surrounding-me-is-speaking-canto phobia :))))

*i can hear soccer fans cheering from Steven's corner omg they are so crazy*

it's strange how some people mask their nosiness with the excuse of being caring. they actually feel superior over you about things or issues that you don't give a shit about. i'm just bemused by them.

random photos in no chronological order :)


zomg. velvet rouge from fukuharu is so yums!


lazing around lincoln park :)


cousin love :)


puff, joce and moi <3


love love :)


graffiti wall at MC


cheek love <3 <3

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