Saturday, June 26, 2010


never tasted so. damn. good!!!!! :D :D

we're finally done with exams!! :)))) after a whole month of caffeine overdose and screwed up sleep cycles, we are there at last! :)

bring in the alco baby! <3

we headed off to Bond for the post exams clubbing event and predrinks was at mine. basically after 6 weeks of no drinking has led to the downfall of our alcohol tolerance. LOL. it was such a fail, seeing that we only had a quarter of an Absolute shared between the 5 of us >.<" >.<" and after 2 glasses of vodka coke mix, i was a happy girl :)))) hahahaha. Reina was absolutely adorable yesterday :) she only had 3 and was pretty much gone after lol.

Reina: Omg cheek love! :D:D:D:D
Me: cheek love! :D:D:D
*attempts to stick our cheeks together and bursting into laughing fits*
the things we do when we are drunk. LOLLOLLOL!
cheek love-> due to too much good food and constant binging (shoving food down our throats every 2 mins), our cheeks are just growing horizontally every day :((((( and through thorough discussions, we have come to agree that Asians are typically susceptible to this unfortunate syndrome :(:( oh dear. i need to lose the fat cheeks soon :(

Bond was fun! with lots of alcohol lol. well, any event with lots of alcohol tend to head down the fun way :p it has been awhile since i've been there and it was refurbished and looked much cleaner and presentable now. it was pretty dodge before. and and they played Sexy Love!!! *hearts* :)))

at the end of the night (my night pretty much ended at 12am LOL), everyone was pretty much gone. LOL. i had enough to keep me through :)), reiny was already gone BEFORE we got in anyway, Kev freaking lost his drink cards! *WTF!!!!!! it was like 5 mins before that he was holding them in his hands -_- that boy. sigh. too many stories on him being lost. that's for another day. lol *  and umm, Chris couldn't open his eyes ;) ;) LOL LOL LOL. even Simone was drunk haha and she only had a shot or something. The only person who was sober was Ai Lin haha that girl is doing a good job recently :p

Photos up soon! I need to get that damn Photoshop -_-

and i'm going back on Tuesday! :)))) can't wait!!!!!!!

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