Sunday, January 27, 2013


Time and again I'll have the inkling to go for a change in blog templates. From the previous blogskins to the half arsed,self customized HTML links, I'm introducing my newest blog template today! Blogger has made such a change in the last few years and it's getting way easier to customize your own blog template, rather than having to figure out what does "br" mean.


Yes. I'm very bored. Hahaha. Clinic has been great and because I'm currently rostered to the Dental Hospital, I don't really have a full day sesh, more like half day clinics and generally I'm pretty free. Pretty much trying to fill up my extra time though. Don't really want to volunteer to PC and suck up, although it can be really busy in the morning sometimes. The last time I was there I did 3 exos and a 15 extirpation. Those were kinda exciting I suppose. But in exchange, you'd have to listen to the person in charge going on and on about her spider bites, cat stories and what not.

I've been cooking much more at home nowadays and that's a good change :) it's good as you can control what you eat and I'm trying to be healthier than I was in previous years - eating more veggies, a fruit a day, yoghurt etc and cutting down on white rice.

In a nutshell, I'm looking for a change this year. Not like a drastic-I-am-turning-into-a-vegan, but more of getting on with a healthier diet. Now, maybe I should work on getting my exercise mode on again.

Happy 'Straya Day everyone! :)

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