Monday, January 28, 2013


The long weekend came and went past ever so quickly. It's already Monday :'((( It was pretty eventful over the few days. Spent the night in on Friday, watching tennis and lamenting over Federer's lost to Murray in the Australian Open. Le sigh. Really couldn't stand Murray's snarky face and obnoxious smirk that I turned the tv off when Fed was losing in the 5th set.

Saturday was spent visiting Jeff and to check on him to see that he's okay after the intense surgery he had. The swelling has gone down but he still has pretty puffy cheeks. He's OD-ing on codeine and ibuprofen (painkillers and antiinflammatories) plus taking amoxy (antibiotic) so hopefully he'd recover soon. We cooked dinner at his place, along with Jon-with-a-mole and Dawn. Honey and soy chicken was yum :D and it was so easy to cook. Just marinate it with garlic, ginger, honey and soy sauce, and shove it into the oven till the chicken's cooked through- voilaaaa! :)))))

Davy had his house warming on Sunday and I made mango, avocado and lettuce salad :))) the recipe was really simple, from and it was really good. Met up with the other Singaporeans in the group and it was a good catch up to see what everyone's doing. Since we are in 5th year now, we are all scattered around the place and the only time we get to see each other is when we are all in a gathering or probs during back to base week in April.

The mango, avocado and lettuce salad :))
Caught up with Kech today at Duke's on Chapel Street. He left his previous practice in Swan Hill and moved back to the city. I think it's great to have the seniors back haha it's great hanging out with them and through what they discuss, live in some of the experiences they have had and advice they got to give. Hopefully work goes well for him and he gets to have a full week soon after his boss buys another surgery :)
My swan latte art 
Poached egg with moroccan salmon, potatoes, tomatoes, dills  salad :D
Kech's pulled pork sandwich :)

And that wasn't too bad for a long weekend hey :))

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