Sunday, January 20, 2013


Just had an early dinner catch up with the Dent girls at Thanh Ngah Nine, which is an amazing Vietnamese place up in North Richmond. Food was great as usual and we had our usual favourites :)

It's just strange on so many levels how I'm close to this person and I just find her, strange. In recent months, I just find it hard to communicate with her. Not as in having a conversation per se, but more of seeing her as a close friend. We used to be close but now it's on a different level of "closeness", borderline fake I suppose? Not sure what happened actually. But just felt that she's so blunt sometimes and she doesn't know that she's making others feel uncomfortable. And this realization isn't just from me, but from other ppl as well. Also, like the way she conveys herself, is like a -know-it-all. No one likes a person like that.

I don't know. Not sure is this jealousy? LOL but I really am not jealous of her. I know that. Sometimes I can't even be bothered to have a conversation with her because she's getting so snide and arrogant. We'll see how this goes. Wishing her all the best towards graduation, but I for sure wouldn't share much info with her anymore, since that's how she's treating me as well. Secretive and assertive. That's it.

It's a pity though and to be honest, I don't really know how to feel about this as I thought we are really good friends. But yeah, this is real life I suppose. Survival of the fittest.

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