Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tis' Strange That.

How when you found out a married man is having an affair, you just lose all respect you have for him. Speaking of which, did I mention he has 3 kids in his current marriage? Oh well, who am I to judge anyway >.<

How some "friends" manipulate your friendship and only bother to contact you when they need help or a favor from you.

How impossible it is to have true friends around you and I'm proud to say I am blessed with a few :))

How fucking heavy Lindhe is -__________- I swear it weighs AT LEAST 5kgs D: D: D:

How hols are passing so fast that the days are turning into a blur.

How friendships can be rekindled so easily if we actually do bother trying and it feels soooooooo good when they do.

How some people actually prefer to be left behind.

I need some ABCs :( They don't serve it in Malaysia :(

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