Sunday, March 28, 2010

So much to do.

It's 3 freaking am in the morning and I'm still here, trying my ultimate best to study for my Physio midsem coming Wednesday :((( sigh. It's not entirely encouraging due to the failed Sydney trip either. Double sigh.

Life is pretty good at the mo actually :) (apart from the need to study that is lol) Lady Gaga's concert was the bomb! Best concert I've ever been and she is SUCH a good live performer. We were all gaga-fied. Lol. Her entire concert was warped around outrageous costumes, spectacular vocals and sexy dancers <3

And did I mention we were 2nd row from the front ;) I swear at one point Gaga looked at us and went "You too," OMG. Instant heart melt <3!

Okay. I have to get this off my chest. I've been telling everyone this whenever anyone asked me about the concert. Gaga has like the best ass EVER. OMG. Her ass is sooooooooo HOT. I'm so effing jealous T_T Motivation to work out is flowing through me now. GYM HERE WE COME! :D

Day after Gaga was foam party-> Instant death. Lol. We are such hardcore party goers omg.

Explains why I'm down with horrible cough and flu :(

MDSS Karaoke night coming Thurs :) and hopefully SilkRoad (best club ever!) on Sunday. *crosses fingers*

Heading off to continue on Physio! :) Hopefully I can keep my blogging mojo up!

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