Saturday, December 4, 2010


:D :D

it's so good to be home again!!! :))

i was at the airport for approximately 5-6 hours FML. my flight was scheduled to leave at 3.30 am but the last Star Bus leaving the city was at 9.30pm :( oh wells! :) thanks Marv and ReiRei for sending me off and keeping me company! lol at ReiRei's bf bashing moves. hahahaha :) so cute!

luckily i bumped into Jian Han at the airport! :D good catch up since high school and cleared quite a few rumors going around WMS ppl. lol lol. wtfffff. apparently what happened between Jack and I were extremely exaggerated and blown out of proportion. humans just love to gossip. LOL. not like i give a shit anyway. it was simply hilarious. lols.

i was teasing Jian Han 'cause he was flying with Air Asia and his flight got delayed. he was with me till 2am ish? then karma struck and MY flight got delayed. FML to the MAX. we departed at 4am and i was practically half asleep. bumped into Sam and his gf flying to KL too :)) how random is that.

anyway, i'm so hyper and excited to be back!! :D that i can't be bothered sleeping. LOL.


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