Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nearly there.

after a full on crazy exam period with 5 papers in a span of 3 weeks, my sleep cycle is REALLY screwed up :( as you can tell, since i'm blogging at 5.51 in the morning lol.

5 down, 1 more to go.


everyone'd already lost their mojo in studying and it feels like the holidays already!! :(((((

i've been pretty preoccupied, even without exams, with my heart filled with warmth and fuzziness :) it has been an amazing month, exams aside and i couldn't ask for more :))

i really can't wait to finish exams!!!!! omg. i've been deprived of alco for like a month plus and what partying?!?!? :( we only leave the house to REB for exams lol. the sunny days in Melbourne are only admired from the inside, with my notes on the table and eyes fixed on the laptop screen, occasionally feeling what a pity it was to stay in.


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