Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lady Gaga Live in Melbourne ♥

When we first found out Lady Gaga was going to perform live in Melbourne, we were sooooooo excited! :D I still remember Chris coming over to our place (College House then) right before anatomy prac to book tickets lol. We were so kiasu that we used 2 laptops to secure the tickets and were lucky enough to get our mosh pit tickets :D And online tickets were sold out in 8 minutes! :O :O That was back in September last year and when 22nd of March came, we were all pumped up to see her! ♥

Since Chris had been to Beyonce's concert before, he had the whole plan figured out. Gates open at 6pm and we were already there by 4.30pm LOL. You think we were nuts? There was already a line building up by the time we were there. People actually brought mats to sit on under the scorching sun! D: D: The major difference in concerts held in Aussieland is that a lot of angmohs actually bothered to dress up like the performer! Impressive costumes mind you! Some came with cans in their hair like Gaga in Telephone music video and some guys dressed up as drag queens. Full on lace, boots AND makeup! It was amazingggggg.

Chris Facebooking :)

crazy line outside Rod Laver!

Puff ♥ and Ai Lin :)
Ai Lin had clinic till 5pm and luckily they made it to the arena before the gates were opened!

Gaga's little monsters! ♥♥
Chris, Noella, Larissa and I

Wrist bands! :)

Oh yes. I haven't mention how crazy we were lol. Ai Lin had clinic and she came later with Alice. By then we'd already stood up by the gates and we were ready to run in :p It was pretty hilarious 'cause once the gates opened, we ran like mad psychos to the doors. We chose door 6 and there we stood for another hour till the doors open. The thing with mosh pit tickets is you'd need to run and compete with other crazy fans to get the best spot EVER. I would say that it was definately worth the effort :D

Sitting down waiting for the opening act :)

We were practically the only Asians amongst the sea of angmohs at the pit lol

Mr. Lim

Miss Tan

Lol! Gaga diamonte shades made by one of the awesome fans

I cbs to upload photos of the opening act >.< They are freaking disgusting. We thought Kid Cudi was going to perform but it turned out to be a band called Semi Precious Jewels or sth. Such a horrible experience. They were playing rock? and in the middle of their performance the lead singer stripped in front of us. LITERALLY. He was taking off his clothings and we were like, nah he can't be serious. THEN he just kept throwing his garments onto the floor and we were like O.O O.O O.O WTF! Noella and I looked away and Chris was just stunned. LOL. No one cheered for them and it was sooooo awkward. Eeep.

Gaga FINALLY came out at 9pm and the crowd went ballistic :D Everyone was screaming on top of their lungs and people from the back kept pushing forward. Omfg. I wanted to die -_- But I couldn't care less after a bit as we were standing at the 2nd front row of the pit and we had such a good view of the stage it was unbelievable!!! Alice was further pushed to the 1st row lol lucky girl!

Wooo. Gaga's hot ass :D

Btw, the front of the car was modified into a piano :)

Awesome stage

Lady Gaga ♥♥

Crazy shoulder pads!

During costume intervals

Another amazing thing about Gaga's concert was the interval times were as minimal as possible. Whenever she changes her costume, the curtain comes down and there will be short artsy clips of her presented. Very artistic and tasteful :) 

Love game :)

Gaga: Hello lil' monsters, show me your claws!
Fans: RAWR!
Gaga: Are you ready? 
Fans: YESSSSSS!! ♥♥
Gaga: Then you better fucking dance! 
Fans: YEAHH!!!

Awesome awesome night :)

Dancer with crazy abs! D:

:O :O :O (!!!)

Crazy as piano! 
Gaga's props are like so over the top :)

Diamond studded lingerie!

Hello hello baby you called I didn't hear a thing ♥♥

This costume is freaking AUTOMATED.
See the shield like frills covering Gaga's face? 
They move on their own! D: OMGGGGGGG!

As you can tell, I'm still very amused by her costume until today.


And this is the best part.

Half way through her song....


You can hear the audience go,"Woahhhhhhh" 
Everyone was just so amazed and intrigued by her performance.

Gaga busting her crazy dance moves!
Her body was so toned up and her vocals were fantastic that night :)

Gaga: Do you think I'm sexy?
Gaga: I don't think you do.
*turns around*

and posed with her butt facing us! 
Omg. The crowd just went into a frenzy. 
I, went crazy. 

Muh muh muh poker face ♥♥

He ate my heart.
He ate ate ate my heart.
Monster by Lady Gaga

The entire concert was based on a story and this part in particular was about how Gaga stumbled upon a monster and she defeated it, Gaga style.

With flames flaring from her chest and crotch areas. LOL. 
How original. 

The climax of the whole performance struck when she sang Bad Romance, which was left everyone utterly speechless and got crazyyyyyyyy :)) Every single person in the arena was just bursting into song, not missing a word in Bad Romance. If you were there, you'd know how great the energy was :))

Apart from the usual fast tracks she has, her vocals were perfect when she performed the slower songs like Speechless (complete with a piano on fire) and Brown Eyes. 

Simply the best concert I've ever been to handsdown :D :D!!

PS: I do hv video clips of her concert but they consist of a lot of my horrible, pitchless singing and waving my camera around (due to jumping *shifty eyes*). If you guys do wanna take a look, I'll upload them :) let me know haha

On a side note, the fifth years volunteered to shave their heads to raise donations for kids with leukemia today. It was very generous of them and Kev and I chipped in to get Rama to shave his :)

And we got to do the dirty job. :D :D :D We gave him a mohawk initially. Which was pretty cool. But he insisted that we shave it off as he couldn't turn up to work with a mohawk :( :(

Hehe :) cool mohawk!

Generous fifth years whom would have to go through a cold, cold winter :p


  1. Whoaa.. Interesting!
    Wonder if GaGa ever going to get a permission to perform in M'sia. Haha!

  2. lady gaga is so cool! but im sure she wont be able to perform here in mslaysia.. =P

  3. Haha. Nah I doubt that would ever happen :(( Her costumes are usually made out of leotards and fishnets lol. Not going to be approved I suppose.

  4. Woowww..I'm gonna share your link on my facebook cos it's just a post that lady gaga's fans shud see!!