Thursday, April 29, 2010

fix you.

Just a short one :) this is my first time using my iPhone to blog! :))

Anyway, Apollo's band night turned out to be pretty good! Jiah's band (with Simone) did pretty damn well :)) lol it makes me ponder why am I not musically inclined. Reiny and Ai lin are now super hyped to form a band haha! I volunteered to play the..... tambourine. Lol. Major fail -____- obviously my guitar lessons have been already flushed down the drain since I can only play 4 chords :((

Alicey and I had dinner at Chocolate Buddha, Fed Square beforehand. Ramen was realllllly good! And what a perfect cold day to hv a bowl of steaming hot ramen :) and dessert was heavenly as well. Both of us can die happy after dinner. Lol. It was a good catch up with puff :) we really should do this even more often.

Also, I think I'm going to be a tutor! :) fingers crossed that everything goes well :) definitely in need of extra cash for the excessive impulsive shopping on eBay -___-"

PS: you made my day. :)

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