Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm leaving.

In less that 8 days' time :(

So much to do, so little time. I'm currently procrastinating on packing my luggage because when I start to pack, it really means that I'm leaving. For real. :'(

I'm gonna miss my char kuey teow, steamboat, mamak, seafood, BED (do you know how comfortable my bed is? :( ), Jit Jit (my pet tortoise) etc.

And of course everything that's familiar to me here (ks, parents, family, friends).

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Will I be able to hold my tears at the airport? I certainly hope so but 'fraid that it's not happening.

PS: I just checked the time and it's 2.05 am and the bf is still at his uni mates' house trying to finish his group assignment. :( Poor boy. I think I really take up a lot of his time haha

Btw. Happy Niu (same intonation as "new" and it means "cow" in chinese ^^) Year everyone! :D

My Cny can be summarized as: eat.gamble.get angpaus.sleep X1000000000 times. Which I ain't complaining 'cause it's the time of the year that you get much moolah :D and free gambling without being frowned upon :D Unless your neighbours called the police to knock on your door due to high excessive gambling noise pollution, causing them insomnia.

I've bought our rice cooker! :D Really handy thing which doubles up as a slow cooker! <3 and also it can be used to bake O.O

And for those undergraduate students who are currently taking courses which involves medicinal studies, eg: Medicine, Dentistry, BioMed? I strongly suggest that you guys get your books from Kamal Bookstore, which is located right opposite the General Hospital, along Jalan Pahang, next to the 7-11 store :) Ai Lin gave me a booklist and I bought my 1st semester related books there for around 100 plus ringgit each. Pretty reasonable, I would say, since they are all color printed on shiny papers (^^) and of really good quality too! I bought 4 books in total which were all recommended by Ai Lin (my senior in uni).

1. Anatomy Atlas by Netter
2. Oral Histology and Embrology by Berkovitz
3. Principles of Bio Chemistry by Lehninger
4. Embrology by Larsen

4 books = 8 kg.



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